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Jeffrey Heng
Hi Mr Tan,

From the profile of your post, I think I can classify this as an upgrade. Haha. Congrats.

I will answer your questions in accordance to the order you have posted.

1. No. You cannot buy a HDB Resale and condo in the same year. If you purchase your HDB first, then you will need to wait 5 years before you can invest in a private property. If you have purchased your condo first, once you committed to buy your HDB, you will have to sell your condo within 6 months after your HDB purchase. This will also means that you need to pay Seller Stamp Duty of up to 16%.

2. If the EC you are buying is a new launch, you will have to sell your HDB within 6 months after your new EC is ready. You can buy a resale EC and keep your HDB. Of course if you still have a housing loan on the HDB flat, then the maximum housing loan a bank can lend to you is 60% of the purchase price if all conditions are met.

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Geryl Lim
Hi Mr/Ms Tan,

You are allowed to buy a resale EC or private condo/apt now while keeping your existing HDB. With an outstanding housing loan, you'll only be entitled to take up a subsequent housing loan of up to 60% of the purchase price or valuation of the next unit you buy, whichever is lower.

Should you decide to downgrade to a smaller HDB, you can only purchase another residential property after the MOP, perhaps you may wish to consider investing in commercial or industrial property. Do take note that you're unable to utilise your CPF for purchasig a commercial or industrial property.

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