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Hi Mdm. Susan,

Yes as long as you have stayed 5 years and met the MOP period, you can sell and upgrade. The green line is quite long, there are 4 bedroom flats along the whole line but pricing can vary significantly across different towns. Generally in extreme east or west area, prices are more affordable. For central areas, more expensive.

As for the procedures, generally there are 2 ways. Selling current flat first will allow you to market unit slowly and secure a reasonable price from buyer, but the downside is the unit you like may not be available once you have secured a buyer.

Buying next flat first is possible as long as the finances are equipped to do so, but once you have committed to next unit, you need to sell off your current flat within 6 months after key collection to next flat. This might compromise the sale price.

Typically I try to do both sale & purchase viewings concurrently for my upgrading clients. Its best to engage a professional agent who can be committed to your plans and whom you are comfortable with.

May I have more info and requirements about your plans so to make better recommendations? Thanks and look forward to value-add to your housing plans.

Warm Regards,
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-- HDB BTO 4rm Sellers Mr. Farvin & Ms. Sel --

Ivan was the first agent that we met up with and right from the offset we had good vibes as he has a friendly personal approach, detailed working style and focuses on building the long-term relationship.

Our unit comes with its challenges but Ivan remained positive and had no qualms committing to our plans right from the start. It took only 6 weeks of aggressive marketing for him to secure a good offer which was a pleasant surprise in the end.

Ivan was always responsive and we had no worries to pass him the house keys. The whole process was transparent and hassle free, and he was always thinking from our point of view on how to make life easier for the client. He is a committed professional and has fast execution, so we felt assured that things are done well and we can entrust the sale process entirely to him.

--- HDB Flat Upgraders Mr. & Mrs. Lee ---

We decided to engage Ivan as our agent as we were impressed with how he answered the enquiries on property guru website.

He has helped us to find our ideal unit and also sold our current unit. He was very patient and never pushy when we were looking for our ideal unit. He would tell us that it is always important to find a unit that we really liked.

When it comes to selling of our unit, he was always prompt in arranging for viewings and he also tried his best to arrange and consolidate the viewings due to our time constraints. He is a reliable and prompt agent and is always willing to clarify any concerns and questions that we have.

Thanks Ivan! :)

-- HDB 5-rm Sellers Mr. & Mrs. Ting --

We have engaged the services of Ivan Ng for sale of our property at Pandan Gardens. He is professional and systematic in his marketing approach.

He is hardworking and committed to his work. He puts in great efforts in arranging clients for viewings and kept us updated thereafter. He is ever ready to help and guide us whenever the need arises.

He provided us with sound and useful advice as well as closely follow through from the start till the smooth sale of the property within a short period of time.

Thanks, Ivan. Keep up the good work! Read More
Johnny Goh Mui Huat
Dear Susan,

Correct me if I am wrong, are you looking for bigger house with 4 bedroom? Generally speaking, there isn’t much HDB with 4 bedroom, there are a few 5 room HDB/EM/EA with study room but it is quite rare.

You can definitely sell now and buy a bigger, however, we may have to look at the location carefully because as I mention, such flat is quite rare.

Depending on what loan you intend to take or what is financial status, we can either sell first, or buy first or do contra. I need to have more information before I can advise further.

On another note, I would like to share with you our marketing plan. Not all internet marketing is the same and we have the most advance marketing tools to give your unit an unfair advantage over the rest. One of the tools we have is virtual tour and this is absolutely free for our valued customer.

Check out one of our virtual tour at this link below

Don’t you agree that marketing plan is most important factor when trying to get the ideal buyer for your property?

Feel free to contact me so that we can meet up and on discuss how I can help with this transition.

Thanks and Regards
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Hi Susan,

It is definitely a good option to upgrade to a bigger flat so that the additional rooms can be used to generate passive rental income for you when you are not working. By doing so, you will also be able to cash out from your current flat and use a portion of the sales proceed for investment or other needs.

For 4 bedroom HDB, you can either look at either a 5 room HDB, Executive Apartment (EA) or Executive Maisonette (EM) which is 2 storey. There are quite a number of options that are available along the green light and these flats are usually older and more spacious. They are usually more than 15 years old. Pricing wise, it depends on the location but it will definitely be cheaper as compared to your current flat due to it's age and less central location.

For selling and buying concurrently, the planning of your finances and timeline is extremely crucial. With proper planning, you will be able to transit smoothly and seamlessly from your current HDB to your new HDB without the need of finding an interim place to stay during the transition.

I have assisted many of my clients who are in a similar situation as yourself to upgrade smoothly and successfully. Please feel free to contact me so that I can understand your needs better and provide you with further assistance!

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“I would like to recommend Nick Tan from SRI. Before we engaged Nick, we were working with another agent from a very popular property agency in February 2017. We decided to terminate the contract after 5 weeks of zero viewings and no paper advertisements. Basically he was just waiting for phone calls. We engaged Nick on 20th April and by 10th of May, our unit was sold off. Why Nick? 1. He has good marketing strategies 2. He always kept us posted on what he did (communications!) 3. He made sure we understand the current market situation but he will consistently reassure us that the unit can be sold off 4. He is not greedy and trusting 5. He walks the talk”

Peter & Wendy (Property Seller)

“We are very grateful to Nick for his extensive marketing efforts. With his comprehensive marketing plan, he helped us to achieve a record selling price within 2 weeks of listing our property for sale! We highly recommend his service to anyone who is keen to sell their properties.”
Mr & Mrs Wong (Property Seller)

“Nick has conducted himself ethically and professionally when handling the sales of our property. Thanks to his patience and perseverance, we managed to secure a sales price beyond our expectations.
We are very happy and satisfied with his services and will definitely recommend him to our friends and family in the future.”
Mr & Mrs Tan (Seller of Inter-Terrace House)

“Nick provides a delightful customer experience from day one when I engage him as my agent to look for a flat of my choice to the completion of the deal. He is competent, resourceful and has a pleasant manner to work with. He is the Agent of my choice in dealing with properties and I would highly recommend him to others who would appreciate an agent that takes care and can give the customer a peaceful mind.”
Susana (Buyer)

“Nick is very pro-active in helping us to resolve whatever questions and problems that we encountered. All the issues are settled even before us having to request or ask for a second time. He was very frank and transparent with all the details, limitations and advantages that we wouldn’t have known. I think this is the most important virtue to be successful in this line. I will surely recommend him to anyone who needs his service because I trust that they will be equally satisfied!!”

Mr and Mrs Chan Read More
  • SS
    Thanks for your answer! We r worrying the hidden cost which we don’t know such as agents fee,renovation, levy and so on. After those expenses. Can we still $ to cash out?
  • SS
    Thank you for the reply. We r worrying about the hidden cost which we don’t know such as agents fee,renovation & levy so on. Can we still can cash out all those expenses?

Yes you can proceed to sell your HDB if you have met the MOP of 5 years. I would need to see how much is your outstanding loan before I can check how much you can receive as a cash proceeds. This cash proceeds can also be used to save for rainy days in any case if you decide not to work.

Also, for 4Bedrooms Executive apartment, you can consider one at Boon Lay/ Pioneer EAs which are relatively newer than the other areas and also easy to rent out next time.

Hope to know more info and your requirements so as to better assist you.

Warmest Regards,

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    Outstanding loan to HDB is 300k without internet. Thank you
Tricia Tan 陈丽子
Hi Susan. Lets meet up so i can fully understand the current situation and advise u on your next step in the search of your next new home. I would be available via a call away at 91442664  .

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