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Hi, are you the tenant looking to look for the landlord to make some repair? You can contact the landlord agent to enquire further. As for the legal document, you are handing over the unit back to landlord? or receiving the unit from landlord? There are usually documents that comes with it.

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    Upon signing the checklist and handover has been done, if there are new defects found , it can be added to the list, however do you have pictures or videos showing the new defects they found when you handover was fine? Also are they due to wear and tear or negligence? You can negotiate all of these with them .
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    tenant and already handed over to the landlord's agent. The checklist was signed with some of the broken things. They're now adding other items as the new tenant had some complains on things that weren't broken before.
Small Claims should be directed at the landlord or the Power Of Attorney instead of agent. Not sure what sort of legal document you are referring to, but there is usually a checklist (not standardised) and inventory list as well. Photos and videos can also be taken during the handover as records. Read More
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    What do you mean by power of attorney? How does it work?
    Anyway, the document i was referring to was just the checklist that was signed by the agent.