Joint Singles Scheme, HDB Singles Scheme: All the HDB Flat Types Singles Will Be Eligible to Buy Soon (2023)

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Joint Singles Scheme, HDB Singles Scheme: All the HDB Flat Types Singles Will Be Eligible to Buy Soon (2023)
The National Day Rally 2023 property announcements include the new HDB categorisation of Standard, Plus, and Prime flats.
It also includes updates to the HDB Singles Scheme, which determines what kind of BTO and HDB resale flats single Singapore Citizens can buy and the types of HDB flats they are eligible to apply for.
Want to know how Single Singapore Citizens will be affected by the HDB Single Scheme after H2 2024 and more details about the Joint Singles Scheme HDB (JSS)? Read on to find out!
If you’re single and looking specifically to buy an HDB resale flat, check out our video guide for a quick introduction.

HDB Singles Scheme: How Can Singles Buy HDB Resale Flats?

HDB Singles Schemes

Yes, singles can buy HDB flats under the HDB Single Singapore Citizen Scheme and Joint Singles Scheme.
The Single Singapore Citizen Scheme is meant for individual applicants, while the Joint Singles Scheme is for joint ownership for up to four singles.
If you’re applying under the Joint Singles Scheme, you and your fellow applicant(s) must meet all the criteria and be listed in the application as co-applicants. You don’t need to be related to each other.

Joint Singles Scheme HDB vs HDB Singles Scheme: Eligibility Criteria

The general eligibility criteria for singles buying HDB flats:
  • Must be a Singapore Citizen
  • Must be 35 years old, or 21 years old or above if widowed or an orphan*
  • Must be within the Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP) and Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) quota of the HDB block
*At least one of your deceased parents was a Singapore Citizen or SPR

What Types of HDB Flats Can Singles Buy Now (2023)?

Flat size
2-room Flexi in non-mature estates
All flat sizes (except 3Gen flats)
Income ceiling
No income ceiling
From H2 2024 onwards, however, singles will be eligible to buy more types of BTO and HDB resale flats.

What BTO Flats Can Singles Buy From H2 2024?

Choicer locations within regions (e.g. near MRT stations)
Most central locations
BTO eligibility for singles
2-room Flexi flats
2-room Flexi flats
2-room Flexi flats
BTO income ceiling
Standard subsidies
More subsidies
Most subsidies
Minimum Occupation Period (MOP)
Five years
10 years
10 years
Renting allowed?
Renting of whole flat allowed after fulfilling MOP (subject to HDB’s approval)
Renting of whole flat not allowed after fulfilling MOP
Renting of whole flat not allowed after fulfilling MOP

What HDB Resale Flats Can Singles Buy From H2 2024?

Resale eligibility for singles
All flat types (except 3Gen flats)
All flat types (except 3Gen flats)
2-room Flexi flats
Resale income ceiling
Subsidy clawback for sellers
Resale restrictions
Private property owners must wait 30 months after selling their private properties before buying
Private property owners must wait 30 months after selling their private properties before buying

National Day Rally 2023 Property Announcements for Singles

1. Singles Can Buy 2-room Flexi Standard, Plus, and Prime BTO flats

Prime flats, which used to be BTO flats launched under the Prime Location Public Housing (PLH) model, will be the most centrally located out of all the new HDB flat categories.
While singles used to only be able to buy 2-room Flexi non-PLH BTO flats (i.e. Standard and Plus flats) in non-mature estates, they can now buy 2-room Flexi flats across the Standard, Plus, and Prime categories.

2. Singles Can Buy All Standard and Plus Resale Flats (Except 3Gen Flats) and 2-room Flexi Prime Resale Flats

Similarly, singles were previously not allowed to buy any PLH HDB flats on the resale market. Starting from H2 2024, they will be eligible to buy 2-room Flexi Prime resale flats, alongside the Standard and Plus flats that they have already been eligible to buy.

3. Singles’ Income Ceiling for Resale Plus Flats Raised to $14,000 and Not Allowed to Rent Out the Whole Flat After Fulfilling MOP

While there was previously no income ceiling for singles buying HDB resale flats, there will soon be an income ceiling set for Plus and Prime resale flat buyers of $14,000 and $7,000, respectively. The aim of this move is to curb the ‘windfall effect’ of homeowners whose HDB flats are located within attractive neighbourhoods.
Based on the current no-income-ceiling requirement, some homeowners have been able to sell their flats for a significantly higher resale price than they had bought their flats for during the BTO launches. As the pool of resale buyers for Plus and Prime flats will be decreased due to the new income ceiling eligibility criteria, sellers may need to adjust their asking prices if they want their homes to transact faster.
The new rule of HDB flat owners not being able to rent out their whole flats after fulfilling their MOP is another way the government is preventing homeowners from using their HDB flats as passive income (e.g. renting out their whole flats while living in a condo). This will make it almost impossible for singles who own 2-room Flexi BTO flats to be landlords.

4. Subsidy Clawbacks for Plus and Prime HDB Flats During Resale

There will be subsidies available for eligible single applicants of the upcoming Standard, Plus, and Prime BTO flats. These subsidies are tiered based on the categorisation of flats: singles can receive standard subsidies for Standard flats, more subsidies for Plus flats, and most subsidies for Prime flats.
However, HDB owners who choose to sell their flats after fulfilling their MOP must pay back the corresponding subsidies they received for their homes. Naturally, the subsidy clawback for Prime flats will be more than Plus flats.

Singles Buying HDB Flats: Apply for the HFE Letter

Since May 2023, HDB introduced the HDB Flat Eligibility (HFE) letter, a replacement for the Home Loan Eligibility (HLE) letter. You can apply for the HFE letter on the newly streamlined HDB Flat Portal, a pre-requisite before applying for BTO and HDB resale flats. It is a one-step process where you can access your CPF Housing Grant, HDB flat, and HDB home loan eligibility.
Simply log on using your Singpass to get your HFE preliminary check, before making a formal application. The official HFE letter will take about 21 working days to process.
Since the Budget 2023 announcements were made, there have been increases in CPF Housing Grants for singles buying HDB resale flats. Curious about what the latest CPF Housing Grant and corresponding amounts are? Read on for a quick summary!

HDB Singles Scheme: CPF Housing Grants

CPF Housing GrantCPF Housing Grant amount
Enhanced CPF Housing Grant (Singles)$2,500 to $40,000
Enhanced CPF Housing Grant for Resale Flats (Singles)$40,000 (2-room to 4-room flats)
$25,000 (5-room flat)
Singles Grant (up to two singles per flat)$40,000 (2-room to 4-room flats); $80,000 for two Singles Grant applicants
$25,000 (5-room flat); $50,000 for two Singles Grant applicants
Proximity Housing Grant (Singles)$15,000 to live with your parents/child
$10,000 to live within 4km of your parents/child
Source: HDB
"More and more Singaporeans are choosing to be single. Singles, too, hope to own their homes and have more housing choices. We hear your concerns," said PM Lee in his National Day Rally 2023 speech.
Initiatives like CPF Housing Grants and the most recent expansion of housing types singles will be eligible to buy from H2 2024 onwards are steps the government is taking to maintain their promise of ensuring that public housing in Singapore remains affordable and accessible to all Singaporeans.
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More FAQs about HDB Single Scheme and Joint Singles Scheme

Joint Singles Scheme applies when up to four singles apply for an HDB flat together.

Eligibility criteria include being a Singapore Citizen, 35 years old, and not having interest in private property, among other eligibility criteria.

Yes, up to four eligible single applicants can apply for HDB flats under the Joint Singles Scheme (JSS).