The Visionaire Upcoming EC Preview

  • Christopher Chitty
  • 10 March 2016

Qingjian Realty is part of the Qingjian Group Co. Ltd conglomerate with a business portfolio that extends from real estate development to investments. The Group has been developing buildings in Singapore since 1999.

Project Name: The Visionaire

Address: Canberra Drive

Type: Executive Condominium

Site area: 309,408 sqft

Tenure: 99-years leasehold

District: 27

Configuration: 632 units in 16 blocks of 9 to 11 storeys.

Unit types: 36, 2-bedroom units (721 – 850 sqft)

393, 3-bedroom units (839 – 1,205 sqft)

47, 3-bedroom (CS) units (1,119 – 1,355 sqft)

138, 4-bedroom units (1,140 – 1,581 sqft)

18, 4-bedroom units (1,345 – 1,549 sqft)

Parking lots: 632 + 5 handicap lots

Expected TOP: 1st October 2018

Project Details

When The Visionaire launches, it is expected to be the first EC in Singapore to incorporate smart living technology into the development. Having partnered with Samsung, smart appliances like air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators and other built-in kitchen appliances from that brand will be operable remotely through a smart device.

Future Qingjian developments are expected to include this smart living technology. As part of this agreement, people that have purchased units in Qingjian developments that obtained TOP from 2015 will be able to buy Samsung appliances at a special rate.



The smart technology used for The Visionaire is called ‘hiLife’ and it allows residents to easily book facilities within the project, discover latest events and deals in the area in addition to controlling their Samsung and Electrolux appliances. The facilities at The Visionaire include free sports activities which can also be booked through the app.

Other facilities in The Visionaire include a dance studio, music room and library. These type of facilities are largely uncommon for developments in Singapore which helps in putting more of an emphasis on The Visionaire. The hiLife app is developed by HiLife Interactive, a Qingjian subsidiary and is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

The Visionaire showflat is expected to be available for viewing sometime in April 2016.

A full review of this development will come soon.

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Sembawang, also known as Sembawang New Town, is in the northernmost side of Singapore. It is part of the Sembawang Group Representation Constituency that includes Woodlands New Town.

Since 1938, Sembawang has been the site of a major naval base, first the British navy and now, the Singapore navy. Military presence in Sembawang has consistently been high alongside the many industrial facilities that have long defined its landscape.

Despite this, Sembawang is home to a large suburban residential area, although one less dense than its counterparts. It is a quieter, slower alternative to the constantly busier central and eastern districts.

As a developing district, there’s a bit of a dichotomy surrounding the numerous property types in Sembawang. Around Sembawang Way and Sun Plaza, there are many HDB estates within walking distance but travel further down toward Canberra Drive, and that typical HDB look shifts rather dramatically.

Canberra Drive is a small road that connects to Sembawang Road and Canberra Link. Sembawang Road is mostly bordered by greenery until it connects to Sembawang Avenue and at the junction of Canberra Drive is low-rise condominium, Canberra Residences.

But between Canberra Link and Drive is an upcoming and innovative executive condominium by Qingjian Realty; The Visionaire.



The Visionaire has twice the number of units as Canberra Residences and while the units are smaller, it also has CoSpace units that are unique to executive condominiums. CoSpace units allows owners to physically change the layout of the house. For example, rooms can be combined to make a study or be turned into an entertainment area, even a walk-in wardrobe. These units are extremely popular as they allow the owner to adapt their home when necessary at any point in time.

Canberra Link is doubly important as it will also be the site of the new Canberra MRT station due sometime in 2019 – one year after The Visionaire TOPs. The new station is expected to cut travelling time to Jurong East or the city centre by about 10 minutes, according to LTA.

There are two entrances and exits on either side of Canberra Link that will ease travel for future residents of The Visionaire. The area of Canberra Link and Drive is relatively quiet, at least from the location of The Visionaire. There’s a lot of greenery about and very little obstructions to nature, except for the ongoing construction.

The lower-rise condominium helps with keeping the environment looking less cluttered. Being able to see the sky and not feel overwhelmed by tall buildings is a rarity in Singapore.

For the present moment, Canberra Drive resembles a quiet, semi-private enclave. There isn’t much by way of amenities within walking distance as Canberra Plaza is still under construction. The closest mall being Sembawang Shopping Centre is along Jalan Jeruju is about a 15 walk away. Currently, as there are no buses that service the vicinity, travelling to and fro for residents without a vehicle will be difficult. It is probable that once The Visionaire is launched, that there will be new routes installed to make travel more convenient. Furthermore, as Canberra MRT station will be a short walk from The Visionaire, it eases up congestion on the narrower Canberra Link road.

Despite Canberra Link’s relative dissociation with Sembawang, there are several schools in the vicinity. These schools are a bit of a drive away as they are closer to Sembawang MRT station than Canberra. While only Wellington and Sembawang Primary schools are are within 1-2km of the property, the rest are not terribly out of the way by car or future public transport.

Some of these schools are:

  • Sembawang Secondary School
  • Sembawang Primary School
  • Canberra Primary School
  • Endeavour Primary School
  • Northoaks Primary School
  • Wellington Primary School
  • Furen International School

Future residents of The Visionaire may for a time enjoy the exclusivity of Canberra Link with various amenities lying just outside its perimeter. When Canberra Plaza is completed in 2019, it will be the closest mall for residents of The Visionaire. As it will be connected to Canberra MRT station, access to and fro the Plaza will at least be easier on residents.

During that one year difference, The Visionaire residents have a shuttle bus service provided by Qingjian to ferry them to and fro Sembawang MRT station. It’s currently unknown if the shuttle bus service will continue after Canberra MRT station is active, though with the station a short walk from the development, it is unlikely.

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