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  • 24 February 2017

Project Name: iNz Residence

Address: Chua Chu Kang Ave 5

Type: Executive Condominium

Site area: 176, 377  sqft

Tenure: 99-years leasehold

District: 23

Configuration: 497 units in nine blocks of 15/16-storeys

Unit types: 28, 2BR (689 – 818 sqft)

339, 3BR & 3BR CoSpace (883 – 1,249 sqft)

100, 4BR (1,109 – 1,378 sqft)

30, 5BR Maisonette (1,690 – 1,711 sqft)

Est. TOP: 23rd Aug 2019

Project Details

Propshort: iNz Residence is a gorgeous and well-designed EC that takes the best smart home elements from The Visionaire and heaps plenty of improvements on it that turns it into a darling for this part of Chua Chu Kang. Spacious homes, large rooms, generous master bedrooms, the units at iNz Residence provides plenty of utility and functionality for singles, couples and families of all sizes. 

Innovative, inspirational, impressive…these are some adjectives Qingjian mulled over when choosing how to approach their new executive condominium. How best to take what they’ve learned from having developed Singapore’s first smart home EC, The Visionaire, and bringing that to the next level.

Those adjectives and philosophy of doing better landed them on what is essentially version 3.0 of The Visionaire. Only this time, the EC is in a developing area of Chua Chu Kang going by the name of iNz Residence.

iNz Residence 3D model

iNz Residence 3D model

iNz Residence is a smart home like The Visionaire but unlike the Visionaire, it is also an internet ready smart home. Qingjian has a deal with Singtel where all units come built with fibre optics and Wi-Fi. All the new owner need to do is make a call to Singtel and there will be internet within 48-hours.

In addition is the usage of Qingjian’s HiLife app that comes with more functionalities. The app ties together with the units under four unifying sections;

Virtual Concierge

Ordering food via the app from a list of caterers, pay for it and have it delivered to you

Organize a party from a list of event planners through the app

Get home maintenance services such as house cleaning, air-con maintenance from the app

Book a facility at any time of the day

Make maintenance fee payment through the app

360 Protection

Automatically notify guards of your guests (incl. their vehicle numbers) for a hassle-free admittance

Face to face greeting at lift lobby with intercom system

Video intercom at door

IP camera in home to keep watch at home while at work

Monitor home and valuables from intruders, fires or water leakages

One-Touch Convenience

Smart devices lets you know if you’ve locked the door

All communal areas in iNz provides Wi-Fi access

Set air-con to cool house before you return home

Locks and unlock doors remotely

Turn on lights, set them on timers

Start the washing machine remotely when you’re on the way home

Stay connected to your home even when overseas

iNzpired Living

Book a class via the app – Zumba, Yoga, Pilates or Dance

Learn new skills like swimming or tennis from certified coaches and instructors

Take up cooking and/or baking classes

Exclusive deals and promotions

Monitor your health

Enlist professional caregivers to look after elderly

Child care services for residents

This is a comprehensive list of just some of the things a resident can do through the app. The usual inclusions such as monitoring energy efficiency are also part of the impressive ensemble of services.

Smart provision

Smart provision


Video intercom and dashboard

Video intercom and dashboard

At The Visionaire, residents either opt for the smart features or without them. For iNz, there are three tiers the potential buyer may choose. From basic to plus to deluxe, the tiers determine how many smart features are included. For example, doors of units with the basic package comes with a digital lockset that is more in line with existing technologies, minus the smart or OTP functionalities. Only the Plus and Deluxe packages come with the aforementioned smart digital lockset.

3BR CoSpace (1,109 sqft)

CoSpace units are a specialty of Qingjian that are meant to give residents more options toward customising how they want their space to look like. Essentially an additional room, residents can opt to turn the CoSpace room into a study, tear down the walls and expand the living room or partition it and have one part add to the kitchen as a pantry.

3BR CoSpace Kitchen and pantry

3BR CoSpace Kitchen and pantry

Either options are good and only help to accentuate what is already a spacious and beautiful looking unit. Even the kitchen is a good size – large enough for two people to be inside at any one time but compact to minimize having to perform gymnastics when looking for stuff while cooking.

The living room is commodious with more than enough room for a decent four to five-seater sofa and coffee table. In addition, there’s room for a six-seater dining table near the entrance to the kitchen.

3BR CoSpace living room

3BR CoSpace living room

Big living rooms and spacious kitchens are usually quite easy to come by in every development however.


The real test are the bedrooms. Aside from the master bedroom, common bedrooms in almost every development feel tacked on as if they were separate, small and cramped affairs.

For iNz however, each common bedroom is large enough to hold a queen size bed which means when you put a super single in there, you have a room with space for other furniture.

3BR CoSpace common bedroom

3BR CoSpace common bedroom

The windows can also be installed with sensors that alert residents via the app if a window is opened or if there is an intrusion. The large, floor to ceiling casement windows do an additional thing; they admit plenty of natural light which in turn makes the living space look far bigger and more inviting than if it were dark and starved for illumination.

Spacious common bedrooms are almost becoming a Qingjian mainstay alongside their CoSpace concept. Anything that gives residents more is great and Qingjian seems to be one of the few developers in Singapore that truly understands this.

They take this understanding further for the master bedroom. It has its own balcony and bathroom and every part feels right.

3BRCoSpace master bedroom

3BRCoSpace master bedroom

The balcony is of a good size and comfortable enough for a few deck chairs. The bedroom can easily fit a king size bed and some shelves, maybe even a wall-mounted television or a small work table by the side.

And the bathrooms – whether common or ensuite – in every unit in iNz Residence are wheel-chair friendly with large portals and surface floor area to accommodate such things within the household.

3BR CoSpace master bathroom

3BR CoSpace master bathroom

Because of this, the same goes for the common corridor and main door, where everything feels more wide and non-claustrophobic.  The 3BR CoSpace unit is a good middle-tier between the smaller 2BR and the larger 4BR or even 5BR maisonettes.

4BR (1,216 sqft)

The 4BR unit is a conventional type of unit, without the CoSpace element but that’s not a bad thing as this unit is larger than the 3BR.

4BR living room and dining

4BR living room and dining

The living room has a wall to wall length of 2.8m which makes for a comfortable distance when the resident installs a large television.

It’s perfect for turning the living room into a home cinema. The kitchen here is a closed kitchen, like in the 3BR unit but bigger and longer.

4BR kitchen and pantry

4BR kitchen and pantry

The kitchen also comes with a pantry area and a wash centre to compliment its larger size. The best part about all this is that the kitchen never comes across as feeling cramped, especially at the back where the pantry and wash centre are. There’s quite a lot of space there, in what is a good use of a good layout.

The kitchen is also outfitted with a see-through glass panel that lets whoever is working inside to keep an eye out in the living room, the balcony and the main door.

4BR living room

4BR living room

Being able to watch TV while in the kitchen is also a plus, sometimes. As for the rest of the unit, they follow the same high standard as the 3BR CoSpace unit. Common bedrooms are spacious, the common corridor is wide enough to accommodate a wheel-chair bound person, as are doors.

The master bedroom is bigger here too. Though a wardrobe is built in with the unit, there’s enough wall and floor space to add additional storage space.

4BR Master bedroom

4BR Master bedroom

The bathroom too is large. To say it is spacious is using that word too many times, but it is apt for iNz Residence. The project fires on all cylinders, offering potential buyers many options toward choosing a suitable home for themselves.

This is undoubtedly a good project. The showflat does a fantastic job of selling the benefits of iNz while ensuring that Qingjian’s reputation as a strong and credible developer remains.

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Propshort: Qingjian has consistently made a name for itself as a developer that dares develop grand and attractive executive condominiums (ECs) in growing areas and iNz Residence in Choa Chu Kang Ave 5 is one such EC. Its location provides the resident with a fairly good amount of peace and quiet but with the buses in the area, it’s convenient and quick enough to get to Lot One and Chua Chu Kang MRT station. A nearby hawker center and some shops within walking distance provide conveniences for daily use. 

Qingjian Realty has steadily made a name for itself by producing high-quality executive condominiums in developing areas marked for future growth. From Anchorvale to Woodlands, Qingjian now adds Choa Chu Kang to its repertoire by way of its latest EC, iNz Residence.

iNz Residence is roughly 1.6km to the MRT station and as such, is mercifully free of the congestion and crowd that consistently makes Choa Cho Kang MRT station and by extension, Lot One Shopping Mall, busy places.

Lot One / Source: Wikipedia

Lot One / Source: Wikipedia

Choa Chu Kang Ave 5 is an avenue of mostly peaks. High-rise BTO flats – developed and developing – frame the narrow two-way road that connects to Choa Chu Kang Avenue 1, Choa Chu Kang Avenue 3 and Brickland Road, from which the KJE highway is a mere five-minute drive away. The KJE passes by the Warren Golf & Country Club and connects to the BKE toward Bukit Panjang. It also connects to the PIE in the direction of Jurong, even passing by Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

There are also several buses within walking distance to the project, including one directly in front of it.

Bus stop in front of iNz Residence

Bus stop in front of iNz Residence

As for amenities, Sunshine Place which is situated at the corner of Ave 1 and 3, is the go to mall for residents in the area. It is about an eight to 10-minute walk from the EC and provides many necessities. Giant supermarket is located there, including a large food court. There’s also a book store, bicycle store, Guardian, hair salons and other retail outlets. In addition, there is a Kinderland Educare Services, Learning Vision and Edvox Music School. Sunshine Place also has several health and medical services.

CCK MRT and Lot One Mall

CCK MRT and Lot One Mall

While it cannot compete with Lot One at the MRT station, it has enough basics within closer proximity. However, over at Lot One (which is not that far away), there is a Shaw cinema which makes travelling out of Choa Chu Kang to catch a movie unnecessary. There is another heartland mall close to Chua Chu Kang Primary School – Keat Hong Shopping Centre – which is also next to Domino’s Pizza and Hong Kiat Seafood centre.

As for schools, there are a few within 1-2km of the property;

Within 1km

Concord Primary School

Chua Chu Kang Primary School

Within 2km

St. Anthony’s Primary School

Dazhong Primary School

South View Primary School

Teck Whye Primary School

Additionally, it is also close to several kindergartens and tertiary institutes like Pioneer Junior College and the aforementioned NTU.

And for people who would prefer not to venture out further than necessary, there’s a hawker centre five minutes up the road. Alongside it is a mini-mart, a clinic, a skin care clinic and a pastry shop.

Closest amenities

Closest amenities, five minute walk away from iNz Residence

Future growth for this area means more jobs in the area for iNz residents in places like the International Furniture Park, Kadut Industrial Estate and Mandai Industrial Estate. Places like the future Jurong Lake District and the new ‘Forest Town at Tengah also help make iNz incredibly attractive for people who are already living in the area and would prefer to remain there.

A new MRT line connecting Jurong and Choa Chu Kang is also in the works, beefing up the inter-connectivity and giving residents more and faster options.

iNz Construction site and beyond that is the future Tengah Forest Town

iNz showflat and construction site. Beyond that is the future Tengah Forest Town

The showflat for iNz Residences is located along Chua Chu Kang Ave 6 and Brickland Road. It is within walking distance to the actual site.

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On the weekend of the 11th and 12th of March, 159 units were transacted at iNz Residence. That’s about a good quarter of the total units available and signifies a strong and promising start for the executive condominium.

The prices so far present an attractive pull for buyers who already live in Chua Chu Kang. For people who are impartial to the district, the quality of developer Qingjian coupled with the affordable prices present an allure that at least demands to be considered.

Source: URA, PropertyGuru

Source: URA, PropertyGuru

It is interesting to note that a huge chunk of the transactions came from the 3BR compact, 3BR CoSpace and 4BR units. Even the 5BR Maisonette units, which are the higher-priced units, had all 30 units sold at prices from $1.22M to $1.35M. That is an impressive first start, given how units tend to typically move at the beginning with the comparatively more affordable 1 & 2-bedrooms.

The way the units have moved however, show that a large majority thus far have purchased units here as homes to live in rather than as an investment. However, with the way ECs are designed, they are an asset that appreciates quickly.

In five years when the MOP is up, prices would have increased and after 10 years when the property becomes private, there is usually one last spike in appreciation. But this part of Chua Chu Kang is expected to be radically different soon so those who bought units as a home, have much to look out for.

Currently, prices for a 3BR (883 sqft) unit have a median psf of $788 and a median transacted price of $695,500.


The median monthly rental of the district in the past four quarters is $2.45 psf, according to URA. Using that as a guide, the monthly rent for a 883 sqft, 3BR unit comes up to around $2,600 after adding a 20% new build premium.


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People who already live in Chua Chu Kang, Jurong and other areas in proximity to them are unlikely to want to move out of their comfort zones. Knowing this, Qingjian has so far marketed iNz Residence as an upgrade for HDB dwellers within Chua Chu Kang to take advantage of iNz Residence’s closeness to places like the future Jurong Lake District and the upcoming Tengah Forest Town.

This part of Chua Chu Kang is seeing rapid development. Already, several HDB estates are up and running and loop bus services that brings the resident to Lot One are also active.

Many HDB estates are already up

Many HDB estates are already up

A nearby hawker center and some shops help ease the current lack of immediate amenities, but malls like Sunshine Place and Lot One are not that far away either. All in all, it’s a location that is up and coming but already primed with nearby amenities, schools and ease of access by way of public transport and highways.

And to this developing town comes the island’s first, internet ready smart executive condominium.

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