Clavon Project Review: The Best-Launch Day Condo in 2020 for Good Reasons

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  • 27 January 2021

Project Name: Clavon

Developer: United Venture Development (Clementi 1) Pte Ltd

Project address: 4, 6, 8 Clementi Ave 1

Type: Condo

No. of units: 640

No. of blocks: Two

No. of storeys: 37

Tenure: 99 years

District: 5


72 X 1 bedroom + study units (A1) (527sq ft)

70X 2 bedroom units (B1) (678 sq ft)

214X 2 bedroom premium units (BP1, BP2, BP3) (764 sq ft)

70 X 3 bedroom units (C1) (958 sq ft)

71 X 3 bedroom premium units (CP1, CP2) (1,130 sq ft)

71 X 4 bedroom units (D1, D2) (1,281 to 1,356 sq ft)

36 X 4 bedroom premium units (DP1) (1,582 sq ft)

36 X 5 bedroom units (E1) (1,690 sq ft)

Projected TOP: 2025

Parking lots + handicap lots: 645 residential carpark lots, including 5 handicapped lots; 16 open carpark lots for childcare centre, including 1 handicapped lot

Nearest MRT: Clementi MRT station (East-West Line)

Plot Ratio: 3.76

Site Area: 178,064 sq ft

Project Details

1 clavon-facade

Clavon is a 640-unit, 99-year leasehold development located in Clementi (District 5). For those who are familiar with The Clement Canopy, Clavon is just next to it. The project has two, 37-storey blocks that are side by side and sits on a land area of 178,064 sq ft, which is slightly larger than two football fields.

2 clavon-entrance

Located along Clementi Avenue 1, Clavon is designed to bring a resort living experience to its residents. As you enter the drop off area, it will be reminiscent of entering the grand entrance of a resort.

3 clavon-infinity-pool

Once you step into the condo, you will be greeted with a view of the lush landscape and an “infinity view” from the Infinity Pool. Terraced gardens and cascading waterfalls are other resort-like features that you will enjoy, which is possible thanks to the natural elevated landscape of Clavon.

4 clavon-view

At 37 storeys high, Clavon comes with a good view of the area. There’s even a possibility of sea view if you are on the right stack on the right floor. The only caveat is that the good view is only enjoyed by some blocks/stacks due to other high-rise developments around Clavon.

5 clavon-facilities

These features are among the reasons why Clavon clinched awards at PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards 2020: 

  • Best Private Condo Architectural Design (Winner)
  • Best Private Condo Landscape Architectural Design (Highly commended)

Few condo developments can claim to have the kind of accolades that Clavon enjoys, especially for new launches this year.

6 clavon-smart-home

Technophile homeowners will also fancy the smart home concept of the project. With the iPlus living app, you can enjoy the conveniences of a smart-enabled home. 

Some of the smart features include: 

  • Smart gateway with built-in camera
  • Smart aircon
  • Smart mirror (provided for 4-bedroom, 5-bedroom units) 
  • Smart plug
  • Digital door lock (provided for all units) 

7 clavon-condo-5bedroom

Design and facilities aside, the project also offers a good mix of unit types (~65% smaller 1/2-bedroom units to ~45% 3-bedroom and bigger units) to cater to different living needs. For example, buyers will find that the 3-bedroom and bigger units come with a good size to support bigger family units.

Clavon: Developer

Clavon is jointly developed by UOL and its 50%-owned subsidiary, United Industrial Corporation Limited (UIC). 

UOL Group is one of Singapore’s leading public-listed property companies with a diversified portfolio of residential and commercial developments. With a track record of over 50 years, the company has maintained its product excellence and quality service in all its developments. This is evident in the awards that they have won over the course of its history.

In 2019, UOL was awarded  ‘Best Developer’ at PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards for both Singapore and Asia, thanks to developments like Avenue South Residence, Meyer House and The Clement Canopy. For three consecutive years from 2018 to 2020, UOL was also recognised for Building Communities, Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) and Sustainable Construction at PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards.

Some of UOL’s highlight developments include:

UIC is a reputable local real estate company with a diversified portfolio comprising commercial investment properties, residential development properties and hotels.

As a developer, UIC’s focus on delivering quality products of the highest standards means that each development will meet the demands of homebuyers. With each development, UIC also aims to bring new innovative and inspirational concepts to set the benchmark for excellence and sustainable developments.

Some of UIC’s highlight developments include:

Its most recent development, Avenue South Residence, was a multi-award-winning development. Avenue South Residence won the following awards at PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards:

  • Best Condo Interior Design – PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards 2019
  • Best Mega-Scale Condo Architectural Design – PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards 2020
  • Best Sales Gallery Architectural Design – PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards 2020

Clavon: Design

Clavon 1-bedroom + study (Type A1, 527 sq ft) review

8 clavon-1bedroom+study-A1

9 clavon-1bedroom+study-entrance

At 527 sq ft, the 1-bedroom + study reviewed is the smallest (and lowest quantum) unit available at Clavon that is suitable for singles or couples.


10 clavon-1bedroom+study-kitchen

To maximise space, the unit comes with an open concept kitchen with built-in cabinet and Electrolux appliances (washer cum dryer, convection oven, induction cooker hob, hood and fridge).

11 clavon-1bedroom+study-living

The whole unit is fitted with porcelain tiles that visually resembles marble with a tile size that is larger than what you will commonly find. This is common throughout all the units available at Clavon. 

The unit also comes with a regular layout that is space efficient for a 1-bedroom + study unit.

Observant homebuyers will also notice that the bathroom door width is much bigger than a typical door width. In fact, it can fit a wheelchair. And that’s because the units at Clavon are designed to be wheelchair accessible. 

12 clavon-1bedroom+study-master-bedroom

The master bedroom is attached to an en suite bathroom and an “en suite” study. 

In terms of size, it’s enough to fit a queen-size bed and a side table at one side of the bed. There is also a built-in wardrobe next to the bed.

13 clavon-1bedroom+study-master-bedroom-B

The master bedroom is separated from the study by an aluminum framed glass panel. 

The study comes with a half-length window with two panels (both sides) accessible. The half-length window is because of the aircon ledge which sits outside of the window.

14 clavon-1bedroom+study-bathroom

The bathroom comes with porcelain tiles on both the flooring and the wall. In terms of fittings and wares, the bathroom is fitted with Roca sink, Roca water closet, Grohe mixer tap and Grohe shower and rain shower. 

The water closet also features a wall hung design and hidden cistern. The wall hung design not only looks nicer, but also makes it easier for cleaning.

Clavon 2-bedroom (Type BP3, 764 sq ft) review

15 clavon-2bedroom-premium-BP3

16 clavon-2bedroom-entrance

The 2-bedroom unit comes with a dumbbell layout, which means that the bedrooms are located on both sides of the living room. 

For first time buyers, a dumbbell layout is often quoted as an efficient unit layout because of it eliminates wasted space found in long corridors typical in conventional layouts.

17 clavon-2bedroom-entrance-C

18 clavon-2bedroom-entrance-B

The living room area in this unit is quite spacious, which is evident in the long counter in the middle of the room. Even with the counter, you still have plenty of walking space. 

Note that the counter is only an ID treatment and not provided by the developers. But it does give you a sense of the space you have in the living room.

19 clavon-2bedroom-kitchen

You will find the kitchen on tucked to one side on the left as you enter the unit. At 764 sq ft, the developers are able to provide an enclosed kitchen as part of this layout.

All the furniture and cabinets are provided together with Electrolux-brand induction cooker hob, hood, convection oven, fridge and washer cum dryer (hidden in the last cabinet on the left).

20 clavon-2bedroom-living

The unit comes with a big living room area with enough space for a six-seater without making the space feel cluttered. The living room is adjoined to the balcony.

21 clavon-2bedroom-balcony

The balcony is fitted with aluminum framed glass railing that gives you an unobstructed view from your unit. The balcony is decorated with porcelain floor tiles while the ceiling comes with acoustic panels to absorb sound coming from the road.

As seen in the image, the balcony comes with a decent size that lets you fit a worktable for an al fresco work environment.

22 clavon-2bedroom-bedroom2

For bedroom two, the developers converted it into a study space with the worktable leaning to the window. If you’re planning to use it as a conventional bedroom, note that you can still fit a queen-size bed with walking space to spare.

23 clavon-2bedroom-bathroom

Next to bedroom two is the common bathroom. The bathroom is fitted with sanitary wares and fittings from Roca (basin, wall-mounted water closet) and Grohe (shower, mixer tap). The bathroom flooring and walls are lined with porcelain tiles. 

24 clavon-2bedroom-master-bedroom

The master bedroom comes with a decent size that lets you fit a queen-size bed while ensuring there’s still enough walking space. You will find a built-in wardrobe with laminate and melamine finish, similar to what you can find in bedroom two.

For the master bedroom, the window design offers a good view directly from the room. Note that only the top two panels of the window (on both sides) can be accessed.

25 clavon-2bedroom-master-bathroom

The master bathroom is almost the same as the common bathroom with a wall-hung water closet and hidden cistern. The two main differences are the additional rain shower and the cabinet/mirror which spots a different design.

Clavon 3-bedroom (Type CP3, 1,130 sq ft) review

26 clavon-3bedroom-premium-CP1

27 clavon-3bedroom-entrance

With a size of 1,130 sq ft, the 3-bedroom unit is spacious. The amount of living space makes it suitable for bigger family units.

There’s a partition at the corridor, which helps to add privacy to the unit and prevents others from peeking into the living room. 

28 clavon-3bedroom-dry-kitchen

The living room is segmented into three areas: Dry kitchen, dining area and living room. The dry kitchen features a built-in cabinet with quartz worktop. 

29 clavon-3bedroom-dry-kitchen-B

On the opposite of the cabinet, you can find the Electrolux fridge. Note that the cabinet carpentry beside the fridge is an ID touch by the developers.

30 clavon-3bedroom-wet-kitchen

The wet kitchen is separated from the dry kitchen by a timber sliding door. In the wet kitchen, all the furniture and electrical appliances that you can see in the image is provided. This includes the Electrolux induction cooker hob, hood, convection oven, separate washer and dryer.

Kitchens in bigger units like the 3-bedroom that has a window outlet usually comes with a gas stove. Interestingly, the developers chose to provide the induction cooker instead of a gas stove.

31 clavon-3bedroom-water-closet

The wet kitchen is connected to the water closet, which is also accessible from the utility room via the sliding door. 

32 clavon-3bedroom-utility

The store/utility you find here is slightly bigger than what you will find in other developments. It even comes with its own fan coil unit (FCU).

For other developments, the store/utility tends to be quite compact. Plus, the utility room and water closet tend to be tucked in a corner of the unit. 

The size and the unique layout of the store (adjoined with water closet) increases its usability. For example, the developers designed it as a study instead of the typical storage/foreign domestic worker room, which adds more living space for you.

33 clavon-3bedroom-living

34 clavon-3bedroom-living-room-dining

Back to the living room, it is spacious with a typical condo ceiling height of 2.79m. The six-seater sofa and five-seater dining table fits perfectly and still leaves with you plenty of room.

35 clavon-3bedroom-living-room-B

For bigger units like the 3-bedroom premium unit (and above), you also have marble flooring instead of the porcelain tiles.

36 clavon-3bedroom-balcony

The balcony is similar to what you will find in the 2-bedroom unit. The size is just nice: Big enough to utilise it efficiently, but not excessively big that it takes away livable space from the unit.

37 clavon-3bedroom-bedroom3

38 clavon-3bedroom-bedroom2

Bedroom two and bedroom three are the exact replica of each other in terms of size (9 sqm), layout and window design. Both bedrooms let you fit a queen bed with room for a side table just before the built-in wardrobe.

With three bedrooms that can fit queen/king-size beds, the 3-bedroom unit will cater to bigger families or accommodate multi-generational living.

39 clavon-3bedroom-bathroom

Right across the corridor is the common bathroom that can be shared between bedroom two and bedroom three. The bathroom comes with an L-shaped layout with the shower tucked into the left corner of the bathroom, right beside the window. 

Similar to bathrooms in smaller units, the bathroom is fitted with fittings and sanitary wares from Grohe (shower, mixer tap) and Roca (water closet, sink).

40 clavon-3bedroom-master-bedroom

The master bedroom is the biggest room in the 3-bedroom unit. Fitting a king-size bed is not a problem at all with a bedroom of such a generous size. Even with a king-size bed, you don’t have to worry about space.

41 clavon-3bedroom-master-bedroom-B

The master bedroom features an en suite bathroom right beside the built-in wardrobe.

For 3-bedroom and smaller units, vinyl flooring is provided for all the bedrooms.

42 clavon-3bedroom-wet-master-bathroom

The en suite master bathroom has everything that is there in the common bathroom, except that it comes with an additional rain shower and spots a more classic design for the cabinet/mirror.

Clavon 5-bedroom + study (Type E1, 1,690 sq ft) review

43 clavon-5bedroom-premium-E1

44 clavon-5bedroom-entrance

The 5-bedroom unit is the most expensive unit of Clavon, with good reason: The 5-bedroom unit comes with a private lift entrance, spacious rooms and premium fittings.

You will enter from the private lift that comes with exclusive lift lobby access for residents living on the 5-bedroom stack. For privacy concerns, there is an additional built-in door just before you enter the unit that is fitted with Yale digital lock.

45 clavon-5bedroom-dry-kitchen

In the dry kitchen, you will find an island top, which is provided in the 5-bedroom unit. 

The island top features a marble top. There is also a built-in cabinet right behind the island top featuring a similar marble top design. The same marble material is also used for the wall behind the cabinet.

Wine concessioners will be able to enjoy wine at home with the Vintec wine chillar that is provided and built into the cabinet.

On the far corner, the developers have also provided a smart mirror that lets you:

  • Control your smart home devices via app or voice
  • Answer call when a visitor is calling
  • Search for cooking recipes
  • Listen to music

46 clavon-5bedroom-wet-kitchen

From the dry kitchen, you turn into the wet kitchen through a corridor with the gas stove at the end of the corridor. The T-shaped layout of the wet kitchen is likely due to the private lift that is located on the left of the feature wall.

The T-shaped layout is unconventional, but the developers used it ingeniously by adding some storage space (left) and fitting the two-door Electrolux fridge (right).

47 clavon-5bedroom-wet-kitchen-B

The wet kitchen is compact, but you can find built-in cabinets for storage and all the necessary appliances in it, including Electrolux induction cooker, steam oven and convection oven.

48 clavon-5bedroom-wet-kitchen-C

On the other end of the wet kitchen, you have the Electrolux washer and dryer as well as a connecting water closet.

49 clavon-5bedroom-backdoor

The wet kitchen links to the back door and HS (typically called utility room). The developers provided some built-in cabinets to organise your storage space.

50 clavon-5bedroom-utility

The HS is pretty standard with a size that fits a single wall bed that can be used as a living space for your foreign domestic worker.

51 clavon-5bedroom-living-room

As expected, at 1,690 sq ft and a ceiling height of 2.9 m (only for 5-bedroom units), the living room is spacious with room to fit an eight-seater dining table and a long sofa. 

The size of the 5-bedroom unit caters enough space for everyone within the family, especially for bigger family units.

52 clavon-5bedroom-balcony

The balcony not only offers an extension of the living room space, but it is also a space where you can enjoy the view from your balcony.

53 clavon-5bedroom-junior-master

The junior master bedroom comes with a built-in, sliding door wardrobe with laminate finish. Size wise, you can fit a queen-size bed with room for additional side tables.

With the junior master bedroom located at the left of the 5-bedroom unit, it is suited for use as a bedroom for parents in multi-generational families. Each family can still enjoy your own privacy while living together.

54 clavon-5bedroom-junior-master-bathroom

The junior master bedroom has an en suite bathroom with quality Grohe and Roca fittings and sanitary wares.

55 clavon-5bedroom-bedroom4

With five bedrooms, those who have rooms to spare can take inspiration from the developers in turning bedroom four into a study. The full-length window ensures that natural light comes in during the day while you are working or studying.

For 3-bedroom premium and above units, solid timber flooring is provided for all the bedrooms.

56 clavon-5bedroom-bedroom3

For bedroom three, the show flat features a pull-out bed that lets you sleep two in the room. The pull-out bed offers a space efficient option for those who want more living space during the day. 

If you prefer a conventional bedroom layout, bedroom three can fit a queen-size bed, just like bedroom four and five.

57 clavon-5bedroom-bedroom5

Bedroom five is right across the corridor with a single bed design and features a half-length window. The half-length window is because of the aircon ledge which is located beside bedroom five.

58 clavon-5bedroom-common-bathroom

59 clavon-5bedroom-common-bathroom-B

Bedroom five features an en suite common bathroom that can be shared with those staying in bedroom three and four. 

The bathroom comes with an interesting layout: The shower area is separated from the bathroom by a sliding door. This design allows easy sharing of the bathroom so that you can still use the toilet while someone else is bathing.

60 clavon-5bedroom-master-bedroom

The master bedroom is the biggest room in the 5-bedroom unit. The sheer size of the master bedroom lets you fit a king-size bed without any issue. There is also space to place a vanity table beside the bed. 

Do note that the vanity table is part of the ID touch and is not provided.

61 clavon-5bedroom-master-bedroom-side

62 clavon-5bedroom-master-bedroom-walkin-wardrobe

The corner space where the built-in wardrobe is located offers the possibility of turning it into a walk-in wardrobe space within the master bedroom.

63 clavon-5bedroom-master-bedroom-bathroom

The master bathroom, like all bathrooms in the 5-bedroom unit, is en suite. Just like in the other bathrooms, Grohe and Roca brands are used for the fittings and sanitary wares.

To make the master bathroom more exclusive, it comes with a slightly different design to the common and junior master bathroom for the mirror and cabinet. Apart from that, the master bathroom also comes with a bathtub with two shower heads and a rain shower.

Clavon: Site plan

64 clavon-site-plan

There are two blocks in Clavon with each block standing at 37 storeys. Both blocks are North-South facing. 

The North-facing stacks (1 to 4; 10 to 13) Clementi Peaks HDB development that will be completed in Q2 2022: 

  • 15-storey HDB block facing Clavon block 10 (slightly obscured view)
  • 40-storey facing Clavon block eight (limited view)

You might face the HDB blocks, but you can install curtains/privacy film to maintain your privacy. At least it’s not facing the main road and it does also come at a lower selling price which is good for buyers who are budget conscious. 

65 clavon-south-facing-aye-view

The South-facing stacks (5 to 9; 14 to 18) are facing the AYE with a potential for sea view if you live on a high storey (25th floor and above). For low floors, you will still enjoy an unblocked view over the West Coast area at a lower price quantum.

Clavon comes with full condo facilities including the typical clubhouse, gym and pool. The scale of Clavon allows the developers to provide much more than the common condo facilities. For example, you can find an Infinity Pool, three Function Rooms, Games Room, Music Room and Feature Lawn, which are all located on the first storey. You also have a kids’ play area (Kids’ Pool, Water Play Pool), Waterfall Cove and Jet Cove in the basement.

There are two things (not visible from the site plan) that are worth pointing out at Clavon. 

Firstly, the developers will be building a sheltered walkway around the circumference of Clavon. This provides shelter cover for residents from Clavon to the bus stop. The existing bus stop along AYE will be relocated right outside Clavon’s side gate which adds to the convenience of residents.

Secondly, the natural landscape of Clavon is elevated, which the developers used to enhance the facilities area. For instance, the facilities that might potentially have higher noise levels are kept at basement one. Putting them further away keeps the noise disturbance to the residents at a minimum. The two blocks are also elevated 8.4m (around two storey high) above ground with no ground units to provide more open space for residents to enjoy.

Clavon: Facilities

  • First Storey 
    • Water Corridor 
    • Childcare Centre 
    • Tennis Court 
    • Resting Pavilion 
    • Family Pavilion
    • Play Lawn
    • Forest Fitness Court 
    • Water Court
    • Foot Reflexology
    • Water Zen Court
    • Forest Corridor
    • Water Lounge
    • Function Deck
    • Games Room
    • Karaoke Room
    • Music Room
    • Function Room 1
    • Function Room 2
    • Function Room 3
    • Open Courtyard
    • Open Cabana
    • Pool Deck
    • Infinity Pool (50m Lap Pool) 
    • Feature Lawn
    • Gym and Social Space
  • Basement One
    • Waterfall Cove 
    • Jet Cove
    • Aqua Gym
    • Spa Pavilion
    • Japanese Pavilion 
    • Gourmet Grill Pavilion 
    • Kids Pool 
    • Water Play Pool 
    • Game Court 
    • Forest Lawn 
  • 37th Storey
    • Block Six
      • Sky Lounge 
      • Sky Pantry 
      • Sky Dining 
      • Sky BBQ
    • Block Eight
      • Sky Pantry 
      • Sky BBQ 
      • Outdoor Lounge 
      • Outdoor Dining 

Clavon: Condo maintenance fees

Below is the estimated monthly maintenance fees, at the time of writing: 

1 bedroom + study (A1): $250
2 bedroom (B1): $300
2 bedroom premium (BP1, BP2, BP3): $300
3 bedroom (C1): $300
3 bedroom premium (CP1, CP2): $350
4 bedroom (D1, D2): $350
4 bedroom premium (DP1): $350
5 bedroom (E1): $400

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Clavon is located at the fringe of District 5 where it enjoys convenient transportation options and accessibility to various amenities.

Accessibility to and from Clavon is convenient. For public transportation, Clementi MRT station is just 800 m away by foot. Those who drive will have major expressways like Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) and Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) at your disposal to connect to the city centre. Having the AYE just behind the development really adds to the convenience, though some might find the noise that comes with it too much for their liking. Those who prefer a quieter environment can consider choosing block eight (stacks 10 to 13), which is furthest away from the AYE.

Residents that enjoy the greenery will appreciate Clavon’s proximity to nature parks such as Clementi Woods Park and West Coast Park, both of which are within 1 km radius from the development.

67 clavon-schools

While Clavon is technically located in District 5, its location at the edge of District 5 also puts it on the fringe of District 10 and District 21. This puts it in a good location along the Kent Ridge education belt with a cluster of prestigious schools surrounding it, including popular schools like Nan Hua High School, Dover Court International School, Singapore Polytechnic, Pei Tong Primary School, ACS International, National University Of Singapore and Anglo-Chinese Junior College.

68 clavon-schools-2

Those who are planning to buy Clavon for investment will not only appreciate the closeness to the Kent Ridge education belt, you will also like the fact that Clavon is just 2.5 km away from One-North. 

One-North is a vibrant research and business park that supports a lot of research, innovation, and test-bedding activities in key growth sectors such as biomedical sciences, info-communications technology and media, and startups. You will probably find enough tenants working near One-North and/or Kent Ridge to rent your unit to for some rental income.

Clavon: Accessibility

70 clavon-to-cbd-drive

Future residents will be a 1.1 km walk (13 mins) away from the nearest MRT station (Clementi MRT), and the station is just three stops away from Raffles Place MRT in the CBD. The total journey to the CBD will take you around 40 minutes.

69 clavon-clementi-mrt-to-cbd

For those who drive, getting to the CBD will take about 14 minutes on a low traffic day with the AYE right behind Clavon. 

Clavon: Nearby shopping malls

  • West Coast Plaza (0.6 km)
  • 321 Clementi (0.6 km)
  • CityVibe (0.8 km)
  • The Clementi Mall (0.9 km)

Clavon: Nearby supermarkets

  • Sheng Siong @ Clementi Ave 1 (0.2 km)
  • Cold Storage @ West Coast Plaza (0.6 km)
  • FairPrice @ Clementi Ave 3 (0.6 km)
  • FairPrice @ Clementi Ave 2 (0.8 km)
  • Sheng Siong @ Clementi West St 2 (0.6 km)
  • FairPrice Finest @ The Clementi Mall (0.9 km)
  • FairPrice @ West Coast Drive (1.1 km)
  • FairPrice @ Dover Crescent (1.6 km)

Clavon: Nearby hawker centres

  • Clementi Ave 2 Market (0.7 km)
  • West Coast Food Centre (0.7 km)
  • Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre (0.8 km)
  • Ayer Rajah Food Centre (1.0 km)

Clavon: Nearby schools (within 2km radius)

  • Nan Hua High School (0.1 km)
  • NUS High School Of Math & Science (0.2 km)
  • Nan Hua Primary School (Holding Site) (0.4 km)
  • New Town Secondary School (0.6 km)
  • Pei Tong Primary School (0.9 km)
  • Singapore Polytechnic (0.9 km)
  • Kent Ridge Secondary School (0.9 km)
  • School Of Science & Technology (0.9 km)
  • Clementi Primary School (1.0 km)
  • Clementi Town Secondary School (1.0 km)
  • Tanglin Secondary School (1.1 km)
  • United World College (1.2 km)
  • Qifa Primary School (1.4 km)
  • Nan Hua Primary School (1.5 km)km
  • ACS International (1.5 km)
  • National University Of Singapore (1.6 km)
  • Fairfield Methodist Secondary School (2.0 km)
  • Angle-Chinese Junior College (2.0 km)

Clavon: Nearby amenities

  • Clementi ActiveSG Swimming Complex (0.4 km)
  • Clementi ActiveSG Sports Centre (0.5 km)
  • Clementi ActiveSG Stadium (0.5 km)
  • Clementi Woods Park (0.7 km)
  • West Coast Park (1.2 km)
  • National University Hospital (2.2 km)
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Clavon: Price

The land for Clavon was bought by the developer through a Government Land Sales (GLS) tender. The tender for the 178,064 sq ft plot at Clementi Avenue 1 was won by the developers for its top bid of $491.3 million. This translates to a land price of $788 psf per plot ratio based on the maximum allowable gross floor area (GFA) of 623,229.8 sq ft.

Each unit in Clavon is selling at an average rate of $1,640 psf, which puts its selling price in a similar range to the selling price of relatively older developments like The Clement Canopy.

At the time of writing, the one and two bedders are sold out. Here’s how much the rest of the units are priced now:

1 bedroom + study (A1): Sold out
2 bedroom (B1): Sold out
2 bedroom premium (BP1, BP2, BP3): Sold out
3 bedroom (C1): From $1,643,000 (from $1,715 psf – 30th floor onwards)
3 bedroom premium (CP1, CP2): 
$1,719,000 onwards (from $1,521 psf)
4 bedroom (D1, D2): 
$1,944,000 onwards (from $1,474 psf)
4 bedroom premium (DP1): 
$2,347,000 onwards (from $1,483 psf)
5 bedroom (E1): 
$2,511,000 onwards (from $1,486 psf)

Below is the average PSF price of nearby condos compare to Clavon in the last 12 months: 

Source: PropertyGuru, Square Foot

Clavon: D5 URA Master Plan

71 ura-masterplan-clavon

Though Clementi is a mature estate, its growth is still very dynamic. Those living in this estate can still expect more development as there are still plots of land waiting to be developed. In particular, the land area across Singapore Polytechnic and beside the School of Science and Technology (SST) (top right in beige), which is currently subjected to detailed planning for new residential developments under the URA Master Plan

Right next to Clavon, the Clementi Peaks BTO is also in the midst of construction. It is expected to be completed by Q2 June 2022, prior to Clavon’s TOP date, so residents are unlikely to be affected by the construction works of the BTO project.

However, one valid concern is that the views of some blocks of Clavon will be obstructed by Clementi Peaks, given that Clementi Peaks is 40-storeys high.

72 ura-masterplan-clementi

According to the latest URA Master Plan, there will be a couple of developments in Clementi/ This includes an upcoming new eldercare facility to provide elder care services for the elderly. Those living with your parents will find convenience in having the eldercare facility located close to Clavon.

73 ura-masterplan-west-region Source: URA

There are also plans for more common spaces in the district with the development of Sungei Pandan Kechil and mobility networks along Sunset Way and West Coast Park in the future. This will link residents to other green networks around Singapore such as the Coast-to-Coast Trail, Rail Corridor, Round Island Route and Pasir Panjang Linear Park.

74 clavon jurong district map 1

The development of Jurong Lake District (JLD), just one stop away from Clementi MRT, will not only bring in new job opportunities, but also create a spillover effect of tenants looking to rent a place near JLD. This will provide potential landlords with a good supply of tenants to rent your place to. 

75 clavon JRL mapSource: List by Sotheby

Not to forget, there’s also the Jurong Innovation District (JID) that will create the next hub for R&D centres, technology partners, training providers and Factories of the Future.

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The proximity of Clavon to the renowned schools in Clementi and the Kent Ridge education belt is one of the highlights of the development. Not just that, residents will also enjoy being located near to amenities that enhance your living experience. 

With a new launch price point similar to existing developments in the area, Clavon offers a well-priced buying opportunity, be it for own stay or for investment. Plus, for the price, you are getting an award-winning condo by experienced developers like UOL/UIC.

In summary, Clavon is developed by a well-established developer, located within a good location and well-priced. This is evident from the response that Clavon received on its launch weekend where 442 out of 640 units were snapped up, and had the best launch-day sales in 2020.

For those who are interested, note that most of the unsold units are the larger units (CP2 and above). There are smaller units (BP1, C1) remaining as well, but they are in limited quantity.

Interesting in getting a unit at Clavon? Check out available units for sale at Clavon on PropertyGuru, or read our condo reviews here.

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