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Woodlands Avenue 4, 730610
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Woodlands Avenue 4, 730612
Woodlands Avenue 4, 730613
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Woodlands Avenue 4, 730614
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Woodlands Avenue 4, 731614
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Woodlands Avenue 4, 730615
Woodlands Avenue 4, 730616
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Woodlands Avenue 4, 730617
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Woodlands Avenue 4, 730618
Woodlands Avenue 4, 730750
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Woodlands Avenue 4, 730755
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Woodlands Avenue 4, 730756
Woodlands Avenue 4, 730757
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Woodlands Avenue 4, 731757
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Woodlands Avenue 4, 730844
Woodlands Avenue 4, 730846
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Woodlands Avenue 4, 731846
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About this street

The Woodlands Avenue 4 is necessarily a very important road in Woodlands. It connects several major roads like the Admiralty Road, Woodlands Avenue 9, Woodlands Avenue 7, Woodlands Avenue 5 and the Champions Way. Before we proceed to rest of the details, let us know something about Woodlands. Woodlands has an urban presence and serves as a gateway to the Malaysian city of Johor Bahru via the Causeway. It is primarily known for the residential housing accommodation facility provided by the HDB Estate. Acting as the connecting link between Singapore and Malaysia, the HDB estate supports a huge population of locals and foreigners living in the area. Woodlands HDB estate serves numerous foreigners and locals with reasonable and varied housing options at affordable prices. There are in total about 192,700 residents living in 112,175 residential units in Woodlands.


The Woodlands Avenue 4 stretches over a length of 2.9 kilometres. It has several bus terminals and metro stations distributed evenly all over its length. The bus services serve the citizens day and night. This makes it easy for the citizens to traverse to any point of the city quickly and easily. Also, the Woodlands Avenue 4 is surrounded by very high quality HDB estates from all sides. There are 17 HDB blocks accommodating over 1373 HDB units. These HDB properties offer 4 bedrooms and 5 bedrooms units. The construction of these HDB estates started in 1996 and completed in the year 1998. Woodlands has a minimum pin code of 730610 and a maximum pin code of 739027. The Woodlands HDB estate ensures safety, healthy living conditions, recreational facilities and community bonding among its residents. The HDB estate reflects the architectural excellence of Singapore. The north portion of the estate is dominated by a green stretch where residents can experience the serenity and beauty of nature. The housing blocks are well planned displaying its unique contemporary style. From time to time these estates are redeveloped and refurbished to meet the present day standard of modern housing units.


Another great point about the HDB estates near this area is they are pretty close to the metro stations. The Woodlands MRT station, Admiralty MRT station and Marsiling MRT station are located close to the HDB estates. They are just few hundred metres away from the HDB properties. Moreover, these short distances also have a very active bus service. The nearby bus stations are: Block 864, 888 Plaza, Block 899, 609 and several more. The residents can use Bus 900, 900A, 951E, NR2 and many more buses to reach to different places in the city. The Woodlands stadium and the Woodlands town park east are great recreational spots for the residents of the HDB blocks near the road. Again, urban lifestyle is incomplete without restaurants, dine out centres, shopping malls and clubs. There are a lot of places like these near the locality. The availability of all these facilities adds to the vibes of urban lifestyle.


Shopping centres:

  • Cheong Cheng Renovation
  • Custom Burner Motorcycles
  • Mano Equesterian services Pte
  • 888 Plaza
  • Elite Bike Trading
  • SKP
  • Fair Price Woodlands Dr 50
  • A Star Bookstore
  • Sam Vista Point
  • ValueMax Pawn Shop


Dine out centres and cafes:

  • Wei Ji Braised Duck
  • Kimly Handmade Tim Sum
  • iTEA Woodlands 888
  • Chong Kee Chicken Rice
  • Rong Kee
  • Superman Nasi Lemak
  • Swee Heng
  • Ji Ling Vegetarian
  • Grill Werkz
  • Pizza Hut 888 Woodlands


Schools and educational institutions:

  • Mind Language centre
  • My WORLD
  • Creative Twinkles Preschool
  • PAP Swembawang Education Centre
  • Innova Primary School
  • MINDS Woodlands Garden School
  • My First Skool
  • Evergreen Secondary School


With all these facilities, the Woodlands Avenue 9 becomes a complete ecosystem for urban lifestyle. Moreover, in every human settlement, there are few must have facilities like police stations, fire stations, healthcare centres and ATMs. The HDB residents near the Woodlands Avenue 9 enjoy easy access to all these facilities. There are several ATMs near the locality. Also, the Woodlands East neighbourhood police station is very close to the location. This can ensure greater safety for the residents of the HDB buildings. There are several hospitals located near the locality. Also, there are some religious places near the locality.


Healthcare centres:

  • Temasek Medical Centre
  • Baby Bear Clinic
  • Healthway Medical Clinic
  • Frontier Medical Associates
  • Millennium Medical Group


Religious places:

  • Woodlands Evangelical Free Church
  • Lighthouse Evangelism
  • Charis Centre
  • Convenant Evangelical Free Church
  • Light of Christ Church Woodlands


Woodlands Avenue 4 connects with several streets such as Woodlands Avenue 9, Woodlands Street 82, Woodlands Drive 40, Woodlands Drive 42, Woodlands Drive 50, Woodlands Avenue 5, Woodlands Drive 44 and Woodlands Avenue 1.

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