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Woodlands Drive 60, 730769
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Woodlands Drive 60, 730770
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Woodlands Drive 60, 730771
Woodlands Drive 60, 730772
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Woodlands Drive 60, 730773
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Woodlands Drive 60, 731773
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Woodlands Drive 60, 730778
Woodlands Drive 60, 731786
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Woodlands Drive 60, 732786
Woodlands Drive 60, 733786
Woodlands Drive 60, 734786
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Woodlands Drive 60, 735786
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Woodlands Drive 60, 736786
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About this street

Does ‘Woodland’ seem to you like a vast space with lots of wood? You cannot be more wrong! Woodlands HDB is a city in Singapore that is highly acclaimed for its wood-like view from the Straits. A product of genuine evolution in the early ‘90s, it became the seat of extensive development in Northern Singapore in 1997. As of the 31st of March 2018, Woodlands was estimated to have about 68,153 flats with HDB residents of 242,500 in population.


To hasten the development and industrialization of the town in the late ‘80s, the Kampungs of Woodland were isolated. Presently comprising Marsiling, Woodlands, and Admiralty estates, the Woodland Town may soon add the Kampung Admiralty to the standing territories.


As expected, a town of such high caliber will boast of districts and streets. One of such is Woodlands Drive 60. A district renowned for its communal gardens, grasslands, and open spaces, this street vibrates with the Singaporean buzz. Shortly after the totality of Woodlands Town came into existence, its birth ushered this district – which is gradually become the seat of excellence among its peers.


Built in 1997, Woodlands Drive 60 has evolved into a total number of 1,322 HDB Units across 13 blocks; Neighboring regions are notably Sungei Kadut, Yishun, and Sembawang, to mention a few. The flats available in this area include four-room flats and five-room flats.


Following the generous blueprint of the total region, Woodlands Drive 60 is strictly urbanized to promote foster interpersonal and social relationships. For instance, there is a good mix of foreign and local residents in the area. The increasing frequency of visits is the reason why business owners and real estate investors are gradually considering the goldmine.


By inference, Woodlands Drive 60 is the abode for the affluent and the lavish.


Apart from the superior living standard, recreational facilities and the architectural finesse of Woodlands Drive 60 are breathtaking. To enjoy some time with nature, locate a long stretch of green in the district and catch up with the dynamics of nature. Truly, the beauty of nature starts with and ends at the Woodlands Town.


The nearby MRT stations include Admiralty MRT Station, Sembawang MRT Station and Woodlands MRT Station.


The interlocking road network is a wonder to behold. For that reason, the residents experience easy and reliable access to different parts of the city. Whether by road or by rail, you can count on the Seletar and the Bukit Timah Expressways with the Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange as a bonus.


Interestingly, it is as easy to live a fast life in the Woodlands as it is to lead the contemporary life. Whichever your choice, there are structures in place to facilitate your desire.


Some selected destinations to check out are:


Shopping Centres

  • Woodgrove Shopping Centre
  • Woodlands North Plaza
  • Causeway Point
  • City Square


Dine-Out Places

  • Lerk Thai Restaurant
  • Kopitiam
  • Bee Cheng Hiang
  • Bistro Delifrance


Community Centres and Clubs

  • Woodlands Community Club
  • Victory Family Centre
  • Canberra Community Centre


Healthcare Facilities

  • Man Fut Tong Nursing Home
  • View Road Hospital


Places of Worship

  • Jin Fu Gong Temple
  • Sivakrishnan Temple
  • Masjid An-Nur Mosque
  • Woodlands Evangelical Free Church


Notable education institutions in the area for all ages are the Canberra Primary School, Fuchum Secondary School, and Innova Junior College.


Woodlands Town is probably the 8th Wonder of the World and investing some money into real estate in the region will sweep in good fortunes for you. Similar areas in the Town are Woodlands Crescent and Woodlands Avenue 6.


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