Lorong 3 Toa Payoh

About Lorong 3 Toa Payoh

Toa Payoh’ one of the biggest cities in Singapore and the most sought after place for residing purposes got its name from the big swamps which could be abundantly found in any place. Getting its name from the Hokkien dialect, the people in the place used to rear pigs and did farming for sustaining themselves. Moreover, the place also has a really interesting story behind it. In the year 1972 and 2006, Queen Elizabeth II had visited the place, which was followed by the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in 2007, which exposed the city to new heights of popularity among the public. Spread over an area of 8 sq.km. and housing nearly 150,000 residents, the base of the city’s foundation was laid in the year 1968 after Queenstown. The town has since then witnessed many reformations and renovations to be able to meet the people’s needs and to rise as the most desired place for people to live in.


Among the various streets available in Toa Payoh, Lorong 3 Toa Payoh has been attracting a lot of families and property investors looking for good residential purposes. The street has about 3 blocks holding about 464 HDB units, where HDB units of different time zones can be found. While the oldest HDB estate can be dated back to the year 1970, the newest one belongs to 1993. As the HDB estates belong to different time zones, they often house different types of flats, such as traditionally decorated ones to flats having a little bit mix of modern and trendy decors. The flats available in these HDB estates normally start from 3 bedrooms rooms and 5 bedroom units. Moreover, flats are very well-ventilated, have larger and better communities, are provided with great views, greenery and large playgrounds for children to play in. Similarly, the urban planning policy of Singapore also aims to provide almost all facilities to cities in order to reduce the flow of traffic to the main cities.


The transportation facilities in Lorong 3 Toa Payoh are also great as people have the facility to either travel by train, transits, or by buses, also. The street is surrounded by other towns like Bishan and Serangoon to the North, the Central Water Catchment to the Northwest, Kallang to the South, Geylang to the Southeast, Novena to the West, and Hougang to the East. The nearest MRT stations for people preferring railways are Toa Payoh MRT (NS19), Braddell MRT Station, Toa Payoh MRT Station, and Caldecott MRT Station.The train waiting duration normally varies from 2-8 minutes.


Lorong 3 Toa Payoh also offers various opportunities for people looking forward to educating their children in nearby daycare centres or primary schools. The place offers a lot of options in very close proximity. Some of them are:


Day Care Centers

  • Mulberry Learning @ Toa Payoh
  • Bethel Day Care Center
  • Bleu Castle Montessori Child Care Center
  • Child Care Link
  • Cherie Hearts Kids-At-Play Pte Ltd


Primary Schools

  • CHIJ Primary Toa Payoh
  • Cedar Primary School
  • Andrew’s Junior School
  • First Toa Payoh Primary School
  • Canossa Catholic Primary School


The place also offers the provision of many secondary schools in close proximity and St. Andrew’s Junior College, one of the famous junior colleges also lures parents to admit their wards into the school to provide them with good education.


Apart from this, the place also offers various opportunities for entertainment purposes, such as shopping malls, recreational parks, dine-out places, and many more. Some of the famous hangout places have been specified below.


Dine-out Places

  • Jack’s Place Restaurant
  • Iggy’s
  • Alma by Juan Amador
  • NOX- Dine in the Dark
  • Buona Terra


Shopping Malls

  • Macpherson Mall
  • Toa Payoh Mall
  • Junction 8
  • NEX
  • United Square Shopping Mall


Recreational Parks

  • Aljunied Park
  • Toa Payoh Town Park
  • Bishan Harmony Park
  • Siang Kuang Avenue Interim Park
  • Bunga Rampai Park


Lorong 3 Toa Payoh is also well connected to many other HDB streets like Lorong 2 Toa Payoh, and Lorong 4 Toa Payoh.

HDB Blocks

HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 91
Lorong 3 Toa Payoh, 310091
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 96
Lorong 3 Toa Payoh, 310096
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 97
Lorong 3 Toa Payoh, 310097
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 21
Lorong 3 Toa Payoh, 319581