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Hi, greetings from Yuan Zhong Siu Feng Shui! Thank you for writing to us on AskGuru.

Congratulations on your home journey, these are some Feng Shui tips that I hope can help you -
(1) Don’t pick the smallest or loneliest tall building – Buildings surrounded by other buildings get a boost in their energies. This can enhance luck and create harmony. Isolated buildings stay helpless while smallest buildings make people feel oppressed.
(2) The energy in the unit is important. Make sure you and your family members have a good vibe of the house during viewing. The unit should feel inviting and air flow should be good.
(3) Survey the exterior landscape - Avoid noise, smell and environmental ‘sha’ influences.
(4) Look at the floor-plan. The most auspicious form is either square or rectangular. Avoid houses that are oddly shaped or have missing corners.
(5) Inspect the unit and request for viewings at different times of the day. There should be adequate light and a good balance of yin-yang energies.
(6) Avoid imbalances in the terrain. A building on a higher terrain is preferred.
(7) Do get a professional Geomancer to help you professionally plan your living space – Avoid reading off the compass wrongly and prevent applying enhancements to the wrong energy sector.

For your information, a good Feng Shui house is based on (1) external environmental factors, (2) internal structure of the unit (eg no missing corners), (3) the balance of yin-yang and more. The orientation of the house should also fit the home buyer and occupant’s birth information (i.e. Ba Zi).

A comprehensive Feng Shui audit can help you accurately assess the house and resolve any issues if there are. We can also help you pick the best location and ideal door-opening direction based on your birth information. Should you like to find out more, you may approach us for a non-obligatory call to assist you. Do feel free to WhatsApp us at: wa.me/6588687686 or see more at www.yuanzhongsiu.com.

Hope this answers your question.

Best Regards,
Jacelyn Phang
Feng Shui Expert