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D. Kumar

If you engage an agent, you have to pay agent fees, however, if you don't then , you won't need to pay. There are perks with having your own agent as they represent your welfare and get you the best price. If you would like assistance in this regards, please furnish us with the following info :

-Type (Bedder) :
-Any preferred Location :
-Budget :
-Start day :
-Lease Tenure:
-Any preference / requirements:

I have assisted many expats in relocation and am highly experienced in private property rental . My service covers you in all aspects- shortlisting units in accordance to your requirements, negotiation, paperwork and other admin matters through out the entire lease period. .You can visit my website @ www.kumarrai.com for all the testimonials and awards for your reference. Thank you !

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Ling CK

It is not difficult to understand the logic.
If you are employed by a company, do you receive pay from your client? Thus it is logic that you receive your remuneration from the one who employ you. Thus it is the same for our trade.

Q1) Do I need to pay agent fee if I engage an agent to help me to find a rental unit?
YES, since you engage an agent to do the search and complete the transaction. You should pay for his effort.

As he will be act in your best interest to ensure you are protected. Especially if you are uncertain on the lease tenure, he/she will also try to find a way for you to get the place you want, but also create an escape clause for you to exit from the contract without any penalty.

The agent acting on behalf of the landlord will ensure his/her client receive the full rental throughout the lease tenure regardless whether tenant stay the whole period.

Q2) If I contact an agent for his rental advertisement, do I need to pay agent fee or only the owner pay?
Under such situation, you are contacting an agent who act on behalf of landlord, you don't have to pay any service fee, however, as summarize above, you have to protect yourself by familiarize the whole process and understand all legal terms to get what you can bargain for.

Any question bring across during this situation, note that since the agent is acting on behalf of landlord, he/she can't be neutral and must act on the best interest of his/her client.

Hope the above answer to your main concerns, but if there are more queries, please feel free to contact me at 90110636, or email: ling.ck7@gmail.com if more information is needed.
I'll be glad to assist.

Best regards
Ling CK

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Aaron Chong
Hi, if you contact an agent for his unit via his advertisement, then you need not pay any commission. But on the other hand, your interest will not be protected throughout the lease period.

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