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Bhavina Kaur
Hi Sir/Mdm!

I am focused on Residential properties and would be happy to assist you with the rental of your property.

Yes you may go ahead to rent out the house even if your development is trying for Enbloc. In the Tenancy Agreement, we would usually have an Enbloc clause whereby Landlord has to give the Tenant 2-3 months notice in the event of a successful Enbloc. So in the meantime, you can still go ahead to rent out your house.

As I do not have your contact details, kindly contact me directly by email at bhavina7777@gmail.com or call/text/whatsapp me at 91708295, as we are not notified when you reply here. I look forward to hearing from you.

Bhavina Kaur
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Mark Ng S W
Hi , do contact me at 97970200 to discuss more

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Silvia Yang
Hi Sir/Mdm

Yes, you still can rent out your house.
I will be glad to assist you finding the right tenant.

I won't be able to contact you first as I do not have your contact, appreciate if you can contact me at (65) 96608508 or Silviayang8@gmail.com with details of your unit
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Silvia Yang

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Nicholas Thang

Drop me a message @ 8118 4108 an we can discuss further.

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Robbie Chen Chee Howe

Yes, of course you can. Enbloc is not a certainty, it may go through, and it may not, especially in today's market environment.

Even if enbloc were to go through, it will still take some time for the Developer to take over possession from the property owners. There is ample time for your Tenants to find alternative accommodation.

To prevent potential unnecessary conflicts and disagreement, it is advisable for you to insert an "exit clause" in the TA should the enbloc goes through.

I will be able to assist you in your property plans. Please get in touch with me for a more in-depth discussion.

Should you need require further assistance in matters relating to property, please contact me at my mobile 9748 6305. I will be happy to assess and share with you the possibilities for you in the current market.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Robbie Chen
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Annie Zhou
Good Evening,

Thank you for your query. We are Annie and Joel from OrangeTee, and with us you have twice the support than engaging someone else.

That is definitely not an issue. No Enbloc Process is definite to go through 100%, in the meantime you will be able to rent out your unit. In each tenancy agreement, there is a Enbloc clause, which will allow you to terminate the tenancy agreement with sufficient notice in the case of an enbloc without any penalty. We can show you a copy/example if you require.

As we are not able to contact you, we look forward to your call or Whatsapp, in order for us to better assist you to rent out your current unit.

Thank you very much and look forward to hearing from you!

Annie Zhou
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Joel Ng
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