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If the agent is representing the landlord, he cannot also collect a commission from you as dual representation is not allowed.

As such, you are advised to look for your own agent. Do note that the minimum rental period for HDB flats and condominiums are 6 months and 3 months respectively. There is also stamp duty that you need to pay for lease agreement.

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Aaron Chong
Hi, you can choose to skip and move on to the next unit instead.

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Ethan Lim
It depends on who the agent is representing, and were there any agreements made beforehand.
Did you seek help from an agent on the guru website to find an apartment for you to rent?
Or are you referring to an agent who has a listing on guru?

Steven Wang
To answer your query, I would need to know :

1. Is the agent representing the Landlord or Tenant?
2. Is the rental amount less than $3500 per month?

Steven Wang
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