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Hi Mr Koon,

On hand I do not have any 2 room HDB.

But may i share with some info with you ?

1. Have you noticed that no agent replied to you ?
Not because there isnt any available. Becos the amount of work needed is the same as doing a 3/4/5 bedroom condo.
commission wise those are also alot higher.
Also for rent of less than $3.5k, market practice is that tenants must pay commission as well.

All these are reasons why you probably dont get any reply.

2. Why a 2 bedroom condo ?
when it is 1 bedroom + 1 living room.

Do you know that there are condos, 1 bedroom condo, or studio condo in D21 going at $1.8k to $2k? You should be able to negotiate it down to $1500 to $1800, which is very very close to your budget.

There are several available in D21.

I hope my info helps.

Like i said, i do not have any available but you can try using propertyguru, search under CONDO, filter Studio to 1 bedroom, and max price $2k.

Call them up... should be able to negotiate down.

Good luck.

I hope i have helped you in other ways and made a friend.


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you can negotiate it down ....


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