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There are some details that I'm short of:

1) What is your current outstanding loan?
2) How much CPF balance do you have?
3) Based on your current income status, credit record and age, how much loan can the bank disperse to you?

With this additional information, I will then be able to advise accordingly.

Do feel free to contact me for further discussion.

Mike Lim
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    - our current outstanding mortgage $140k
    - about 40k cpf balance each
    - aged 37 and 35 with combined income of 8k

    we are not sure how much the bank can disperse us.
    but i know it could be 60% to 80% max depending on the situation.
    the flat that we own is a resale and its our first flat.
    this will be also the first time we are considering to upgrade to a condo (not EC)
    When we bought our current flat, our cpf savings were wiped out, does the upgrade to a condo allow us to use all our current OA savings for the new loan?