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YT Tan (陈永达)

You have to understand beside being above 35 years old, you have to be at least a Singaporean.

Thus let me highlight a few points that you can be super decisive.

1) you dont have to put a minimum scheme right now. In fact you can use the full amount in your OA to purchase a residential unit (I assisted my 43 years old buyer to buy a resale HDB flat and due for completion today)

2) I am not sure what kind of lifestyle you are looking to have. (condo or public facilities) if condo lifestyle, i will advise you to buy within means.

3) As for condo purchase, it's best to contact some bankers to advise your on the approval in principle to see how much is the bank willing to loan you. (I can introduce some capable bankers from different banks so you can analyse the different housing loan packages)

3a) HDB Loan is pretty easy as you can enter HDB website to do your HLE (home loan eligibility)

I recommend you to speak with some bankers to judge on your financial means before embarking to house hunt.



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