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Dash Tan
Hi Mrs Yeo,

I will be able to help you get tenants for your room. you may contact me at 93202000 and i will advise you accordingly the process involve. Thanks and hear from you soon.

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Shao Inn Tian
Hi Mrs Yeo

Renting a room generally involves marketing your room, posting advertisements on portals with photos and description of the place and your preferred tenant profile.

After which you will filter the calls coming in to check out genuine tenants from the shoppers. Arrange viewings, presenting your room in a favourable way to the potential tenant.

After that would be price and terms negotiation, eg, what does the rental include and setting house rules eg. allowing/disallowing tenants bringing friends home etc. if the tenant is not moving in immediately, you will need him to give you a letter of intention together with one/two month's deposit.

After that is to put all this in writing in the tenancy agreement as well as make sure the tenant e-stamp the agreement.

Arrange the move in date and other requests if any.

It sure is a lot of work and can be cumbersome esp if you have no time. You can save all this effort by engaging an agent to do it for you. And it will not cost you more than a month's rental. Any problems with the tenant during the lease, you can go back to the agent.

If you have further questions or need help in renting your room, pls feel free to contact me.

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Dane Kau 高国豪

Please give me a call for a friendly discussion on any property issue :}

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