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YT Tan (陈永达)
Good morning buyer,

If you purchase a resale flat without any housing grant now, you can apply for BTO (subsidised flat) and new EC (can obtain grant) as first timer.

Hope my sharing is beneficial to your enquiry.

May I know how can I value add in your property purchase?

Warmest Regards,
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If you get a resale flat without grant (non-subsidized flat), yes its possible to get a BTO or EC again next time. You will be considered as a first timer. Thanks and hope to assist with your housing plans further.

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Hi Sir/Mdm,

It is still possible to get a BTO or new EC and obtain grant in the future. Would you like to share with me what are the considerations currently that is stopping you from getting a BTO or new EC now? Currently there are a lot of new and balance BTOs available. For ECs, there are a few projects that have just obtained TOP or going to TOP in a few months.

These options are worth considering especially ECs as prices are much lower as compared to a private condo. Please feel free to contact me so that I can understand your needs further and provide you with assistance.

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Hi buyer,

There would be a higher risk of not breaking even, or even having a negative sale, should you get a resale now and not receive grants you're entitled for; I'd also assume that your income will be higher when you purchase the EC years later, so you don't know what amount of grant you can, or if you can even get any grant.

Feel free to contact me at your convenience, and we can carry on from there.

Thanks and regards,
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Tara Ting 陈莲香
Hi There,

Good Day :)

with regards to your simple Question:
"If I buy a resale flat now without any grant. Can I still apply for BTO/EC next time and get any gov grant?"

Simple Answer: Yes

However, it would be wise to think deeper into this seemingly simple Q & simple Ans. There are quite a few things to consider carefully before you make the final decision with your other half, I will not be able to list them all here. However, let me just highlight 1 or 2 here:

1. Current regulations stipulate you can get a grant when you apply for an EC/BTO. But, we are talking about NOW. What will be the new regulations after you have fulfilled your MOP and eligible to buy an EC/BTO later on nobody knows. Will you still be able to get a grant later on? How much is that grant? What may be the new T&C attached to it? None of us can tell....so think about this

2. Across the board, generally, we are seeing a dip in resale HDBs. Yes, you may have read about some resale HDBs selling at sky high price. But what you and me do not know is, who is the buyer? What is the buyer's profile? Is the buyer someone whom sold his landed property as his children are all grown up & married and moved out, and thus, sell to down-size? Did this buyer made a huge profit after selling his landed so has extra cash to spend? How many of us can do that in reality? There are many unknowns. Again, what we do know is our Govt is ramping up more new BTOs across the island and how does this impact you when you wish to sell your own resale unit? Will your future buyer has a lot of choice to pick from? If yes, how much do you think you can make from your unit? A lot? A little? Break-even? Or even a possible lost? Pls ponder on this :)

Pls feel free to ping me if you wish to discuss with me, will be glad to share more....you may find yourself owning something else after speaking to me. End of day, only wish to help my clients make the IDEAL CHOICE :)

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