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Freddy Lim
Hi, for $625psf is reasonable. Is it a good time? - It depends on your needs, as condo provide facilities and security unlike HDB.

For your info, HDB valuation is climbing up. Valuation for pte has drop from 1% to 2%. Let say, if the pte values drop a bit more, buyers infact will bid the prices up. Case study: As price drops, more buyer can now afford to buy, they will then bid the prices up.

Bear in mind, if you are upgrading from HDB to condo, its a good time round. It is also a good source of income if you intend to rent it out rather than investing in other financial tools.

Do call me at 90408048 for a discussion. Thank you. - Freddy Lim, Associate Manager, HSR. Read More


Sharlene Lim SL
It is an average buy. Not a good buy if you say low floor. It will drop 91015180 Read More