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Joshua Koh
Hi Sir/Mdm,

Most important question before you sell is had you met the MOP? If you had not, you will not be able to sell.

As i do not know what are your outstanding loan/ect for OCBC, it will be the best for you to check directly with them in regards of whether do you need to pay any addition fees.

Please feel free to contact me if you need my help in selling your flat as i am currently working within Punggol/SengKang. I will help you fetch the best possible price and also helping you work out your financial planning.

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Joshua Koh
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Ander Ang

You will need to pay resale levy if you bought your flat direct from HDB or resale flat taking a housing grant, and then wish to purchase the next flat direct from HDB.

In your case, if you do not have any intention to buy direct from HDB again, there is no need to pay resale levy when selling off your current 5rm flat.

I would be glad to assist you in selling your 5rm flat. Please call me at 98628691.

Ander ERA
Geryl Lim
Dear owner,

Should you have fulfilled the Minimum Occupation Period, and your intention is to sell without buying, take note that resale levy is not applicable for your case, nevertheless, should you have taken up any form of subsisdy for this Punggol unit and have any intention to purchase any subsidized unit in the future, you will be liable to pay for the levy, unless it is indicated that no resale levy required under the purchase conditions like the recent EC launches where resale levy are not applicable.

If I can assist you in anyway, do let me know.

Geryl LIM
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