Yishun Ring Road

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Yishun Ring Road
The Yishun Ring Road covers a large area of the town. It starts from its intersection with Yishun Ave 11 and ends there. Within such a vast area it covers many highly commercialized areas and high quality HDB estates. Yishun HDB Estate is surrounded by the ‘Great Outdoors’ which covers a significant area of this region. Yishun, which was originally named Nee Soon, is a beautiful suburban town located in the northern part of Singapore. Yishun HDB Estate thus enjoys a natural surrounding that encompasses Yishun Park, Yishun Pond, Yishun Town Garden and Lower Seletar Reservoir. The HDBs are provided with many facilities and their residents share a cohesive cultural bonding. There are approximately 180,000 residents living in the 21sq km area.
The Yishun Ring road stretches over a length of 7 kilometres. It has several bus terminals and metro stations distributed evenly all over its length. The bus services serve the citizens day and night. This makes it easy for the citizens to traverse to any point of the city quickly and easily. Also, the Yishun Ring Road is surrounded by very high quality HDB estates and commercial buildings from all sides. There are 156 HDB blocks accommodating over 12821 HDB units. These HDB properties offer 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms, 5 bedrooms and executive units. The construction of these HDB estates started in 1978 and completed in the year 2012. Yishun has a minimum postal code of 760103 and a maximum postal code of 762813. Yishun HDB Estate enjoys a great location with lush green parks, a large reservoir and highways in the vicinity. The HDB estate is bound by Yishun Avenue 2 and Yishun Park. Yishun Ring Road runs along the area and Khatib MRT station is situated within walking distance. The Lower Seletar Reservoir lies to the east and south of the HDB estate. The area shares its boundaries with Sembawang New Town to the northwest, Mandai to the west, Simpang Kiri to the north and Ang Mo Kio New Town to the north.
The HDB estates near this area are they are pretty close to the MRT stations such as Khatib MRT station and Yishun MRT station. They are located at walking distances. This MRT stations are just few hundred metres away from the HDB properties. Again, these few hundred kilometres can be quickly covered the active bus service available there. The nearby bus stations are: Block 760, 774, 794 and many more. The Yishun Ring Road has a large number of bus terminals due to its length. The residents can use Bus 807, 811, 812, NR1 and many more buses to reach to different places in the city. The Orchid Country Club and the Lower Seletar Reservoir east are great recreational spots for the residents of the HDB blocks near the road. Not only these two parks are available, there are several more parks within the perimeter of the Yishun Ring Road. Again, urban lifestyle is incomplete without restaurants, dine out centres, shopping malls and clubs. There are a lot of places like these near the locality.
Shopping centres:
  • That Aquarium
  • Singapore Pools
  • 7 Eleven
  • TSW
  • Lim Soon Huat
  • Cheers Yishun Ring Road
  • Topgoer Pte Ltd
  • Durian Kaki
  • Petto Paw
  • Juzz Auto LLP
  • Sheng Siong Supermarket
Dine out centres and cafes:
  • Yishun Park Hawker Centre
  • The Juicy Way
  • Yishun 675 Coffee Shop
  • TEA
  • Vietnamese Food
  • KDS Indian Musilm Food
  • McDonald’s Khatib
  • Japanese Junction
  • 795A Yishun Coffee Shop
Schools and educational institutions:
  • Apple Tree
  • Naval Base Secondary School
  • My Little Campus
  • Yishun Primary School
  • PAP Sparkle Tots
  • Northbrooks Secondary School
  • Yishun Town Secondary School
  • Xishan Primary School
With all these facilities, the Yishun Ring Road becomes a complete ecosystem for urban lifestyle. Moreover, in every human settlement, there are few must have facilities like police stations, fire stations, healthcare centres and ATMs. The HDB residents near the Yishun Ring Road enjoy easy access to all these facilities. There are several ATMs near the locality. Also, the Yishun North neighbourhood police station is very close to the location. There are some more police stations within the perimeter of the Ring Road. Also, the Nee Soon Central Fire post is a few minutes away from the road. This can ensure greater safety for the residents of the HDB buildings. There are several hospitals located near the locality. Also, there are some religious places near the locality.
Healthcare centres:
  • Yishun Medical Centre
  • Apex Medical Group
  • Yishun Community Hospital
  • First Medical Centre
  • SW Medical Centre
  • Dialysis Centre
  • Yishun New Polyclinic
Religious places:
  • Wah Su Kang Temple
  • Bethelham Bible Presbyterian Church
  • Evangel Family Church