Our First Home, One That Pays For Itself

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Our First Home, One That Pays For Itself
“I look at my home and feel that it is very down to earth, cosy and welcoming.”
After 10 years of courtship, Khadijah and Syaqir were ready to move to the next stage of their life – marriage and owning a home together. They took a year and a half to get their finances in order, before hunting for the perfect property to start their family.
Growing up in a large house with a big family, Syaqir aspired to own a spacious property. On the other hand, Khadijah wanted a home that was convenient for her mother to visit her from Johor Bahru. Born and bred in Toa Payoh, initially Syaqir wasn’t too keen to move to the North. However, with Khadijah’s persuasion, he was willing to give it a chance.
The couple consulted Khadijah’s brother Amin Mak, who also happens to be a property agent, registered with PropertyGuru. Amin advised them, “Let the house pay for you instead of you paying for the house.” He further explained the possibility to earn passive income by renting out rooms in their house with a concept.
Young family living in a 5A HDB flat in Marsiling
Syaqir was sceptical, “At first I didn’t buy the idea of leasing out the rooms due to privacy concerns, however by getting a wall to divide the unit, we could ensure that everyone had their own space.”

Making it Work

But before that, there were some requirements that had to be fulfilled to realise their ideal home. Firstly, the couple wanted the house to be spacious enough. Even with a partition, they wanted both ‘homes’ to feel like two individual spaces. For that to happen, they needed the house to have the perfect layout, making it possible to divide it into two separate units. And most importantly, they needed the house to be within their budget.
Young family living in a 5A HDB flat in Marsiling
With a clear vision of the couple’s need, Amin quickly narrowed down the search to three properties. One of which was a spacious 5A flat in Marsiling that reflected their vision of an ideal home. The partition unit was independent with its own living area and two rooms. “Ever since we moved in, both rooms have been occupied.” Needless to say, the passive income is one of the perks the couple enjoys the most, along with the spacious living room and the amenities around the area. “And the cost of the flat too. It was relatively cheap compared to Toa Payoh or Woodlands, for the size.”
Khadija and Syaqir have since customised their living space with a walk-in wardrobe, double vanity and a baby room for their four-month-old daughter, Sarah. The couple’s future plans also include a second property for investment. “If you own a business, it might fail but if you own a property, it will be with you regardless of what happens.”
For Syaqir, the arrangement gives him a sense of stability, “There will always be people from other countries coming to Singapore and they will need a place to stay. I feel like the demand we have for our units will never end.”
Young family living in a 5A HDB flat in Marsiling
While receiving a passive income from your new home might sound like a faraway dream for most couples, Khadijah and Syaqir ride on the wave of Singapore’s real estate growth to make their dream come true.
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