Turf Club Closing, Kranji Redeveloping: 4 Biggest Changes to the North of Singapore By 2033

Joanne Poh
Turf Club Closing, Kranji Redeveloping: 4 Biggest Changes to the North of Singapore By 2033
On 5 June 2023, the Singapore Turf Club announced its closing. As part of the Turf Club Closing, the 20-hectare (ha) Kranji Racecourse – almost the size of 51 football fields! – will be returned to the government by 2027 to be redeveloped into public housing, entertainment hubs, and lifestyle amenities.
The announcement of the closing of Singapore Turf Club had horse racing fans and the 350 Singapore Turf Club employees shocked, saddened, and angered. The Kranji Racecourse was a significant part of Kranji’s landscape since it opened in 1999, so Kranji residents were also left wondering what to make of the government’s plans to redevelop the land it sits on after it is demolished.
Even those of us who don’t live in the North of Singapore or have affiliations with Singapore Turf Club are ‘mourning’ the loss of one of our country’s legacies. At the same time, we can’t help but wonder what lies ahead for the North of Singapore. On the Singapore Turf Club site alone, analysts say that between 20,000 and 40,000 new homes could be built. Is it possible that redeveloping Kranji means we could be seeing a ‘new Tengah’?

What the Turf Club Closing Means For the North of Singapore

To help us make sense of this big change, Dr Tan Tee Khoon, Country Manager – Singapore, PropertyGuru said, “Rarely is there a collective 120ha of land in one location. The last time land of such scale was provided for development was the Jurong Lake District (JLD), then touted as the most prominent business district outside the Central Area. Referring to JLD, this could potentially mean an estimated 20,000 homes in the land currently occupied by the Singapore Turf Club.
So it is a prudent decision by the government to re-purpose the land given falling spectatorship of horse racing, putting it into its best and optimal use.”
To find out more about what the government is planning for the North of Singapore, we reviewed the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) Master Plan, a "statutory land use plan that guides Singapore’s developments in the medium term over the next 10 to 15 years”.
Source: URA

4 Upcoming Changes to the North of Singapore

Upcoming changes to the North of SingaporeWhen we can expect these changes
Redevelopment of Singapore Turf Club into a nature and recreational hub2027 onwards
Redevelopment of Sembawang Shipyard to waterfront precinct in Northern Innovation Corridor2024 onwards
Development of Green Loop and new parks2035
Development of Khatib Nature Corridor (Khatib-Bongsu Nature Park)2026

1. Singapore Turf Club Closing to Become a Nature and Recreation Hub

Source: JTC
The Singapore Turf Club will close its doors for good in 2024, making way for an extensive redevelopment of the area beginning in 2027.
The government has plans to turn Kranji into a recreational hub, a springboard from which to explore nearby nature reserves including the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve and the Mandai wildlife parks.
The site on which the Turf Club is located will be used to develop housing, including HDB flats, as well as leisure and recreational facilities. The removal of the Turf Club will free up land offering waterfront views, which could make the area particularly attractive for potential residential developments.
The government also has plans to rejuvenate the Mandai area, which will involve improvements and augmentations being made to the Singapore Zoo. This could have the knock-on effect of fuelling the development of hotels and retail shops in the Kranji area.
The redevelopment of Kranji is part of a larger project to turn the Woodlands Regional Centre into Singapore’s biggest economic hub in the north of the island. The neighbouring Sungei Kadut industrial estate will also be redeveloped to include a new Agri-Food Innovation Park, which will house indoor farming and aquaculture facilities.
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2. Sembawang Shipyard Closing to Become Waterfront Precinct in Northern Innovation Corridor

Source: URA
Another major redevelopment to take place in the coming years is that of Sembawang Shipyard, slated to take place after 2024 when the shipyard is moved to Tuas. Some existing buildings could be repurposed, while new mixed-use developments will be added.
The area will become part of the Northern Innovation Corridor, which will include a mixed-use waterfront precinct. Residents can look forward to scenic waterfront views as well as lifestyle and watersports options.
The Northern Innovation Corridor hopes to encourage a shift of commercial centres from the city centre to the north, supported by improved transport links via the North-South Expressway and the completion of the Thomson-East Coast MRT line.
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3. Development of Green Loop and New Parks

Source: URA
A green walking and cycling loop is currently undergoing development along the Lower Seletar Reservoir, enabling residents to enjoy stunning views and easier access to nature. It will run around the entire reservoir, enabling hikers and cyclists to follow the perimeter of the waterfront.
The Green Loop will also connect to Yishun Dam via the Round Island Route, which is currently being developed. This 150km park connector, which is slated for completion in 2035, will run in a loop around all of Singapore, allowing cyclists and hikers to seamlessly circle the island.
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4. Development of Khatib Nature Corridor

Source: NParks
The government is developing a new Khatib Nature Corridor, with more than 90ha of green space to be added in the coming years.
The corridor will eventually link up to 150 ha of green space and be connected by 80 km of trails, as well as three routes – the Round Island Route, the Coast-to-Coast Northern Trail, and the Central Corridor.
It will encompass several parks, recreational trails and wildlife-friendly routes located at Springleaf, Tagore, Miltonia Close, Lower Seletar Reservoir, the existing Springleaf Nature Park, and Canberra Park.
Green spaces in the Khatib Nature Corridor currently being developed include the upcoming Miltonia Nature Park and Nee Soon Nature Park. Another much-publicised park currently undergoing development is the Khatib Bongsu Nature Park, slated for completion by 2026.
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What Turf Club Closing Means for the Value of Properties in the North

While Turf Club closing and Kranji redeveloping signal big changes to the North of Singapore, they will not happen immediately. For a start, it will take time for the government to formalise infrastructure plans across the area before construction can even happen.
Singaporeans who do not currently live or own property in the North will likely require more certainty about what bright promises living in the North in 2033 will look like before committing to making any big property decisions there.
Dr Lee Nai Jia, Head of Real Estate Intelligence, Data and Software Solutions, PropertyGuru Group agreed, “This potential redevelopment is unlikely to have an immediate upside until the government comes up with a concrete planning blueprint for the site. There is definitely some redevelopment potential for retail and hotels when the zoo is fully redeveloped under the Mandai Rejuvenation Project. Separately, there may be new needs for land for food labs and high-tech farming.
Another potential development that could catalyse the area is the JB-Singapore RTS Link. That said, the site is considered far from most current major employment clusters and it will take some time for people to change their perception.
Should one or more choice primary schools relocate their campuses to Kranji, it will provide an impetus for families with school-going children to benefit from this redevelopment.”
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More FAQs About Turf Club Closing

Singapore Turf Club is part of the Malaysian Racing Association.

Singapore Turf Club, the only horse racing club in Singapore, is closing in 2024.

Singapore Turf Club sits on the 20ha Kranji Racecourse, which is almost the size of 51 football fields.