How to Prevent and Manage Pests in Your Home

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How to Prevent and Manage Pests in Your Home
Dealing with pests such as ants, cockroaches, and sometimes rodents are an unavoidable aspect of daily life in Singapore. Even if your home is spotless, such pests can still find their way in. It may not be possible to make your living quarters completely bug-proof. However, you can still make your home inhospitable to them and prevent infestations so you don’t have to end up calling residential pest control.
1) Declutter and Clean
One of the best ways to make your home unattractive to pests is to remove areas they like to hide in. Cockroaches like to hide in dark, damp areas. They also commonly hide in areas such as the back of cupboards or refrigerators, so don’t forget to check those places as well. Mop up spills and fix any leaky plumbing – roaches can’t go for more than a week or so without water. Get rid of any stagnant water at the same time – this will also prevent mosquitoes from breeding.
2) Don’t Feed Them
Don’t give pests a reason to come in the first place. Leftover food is one of the main reasons pests are attracted to homes. Rodents and some insects can chew through plastic bags, so keep all your food in sturdy, air-tight containers.
Don’t leave food scraps and crumbs lying around, and do all your dishes instead of leaving them in the sink overnight. Get a trash bin with a good seal, so pests can’t find their way in. Another alternative is to have a trash bin solely for organic waste that you empty daily.
3) Seal Up Cracks and Crevices
You might still see the odd cockroach scuttling around even if you religiously clean your home. This may have sneaked into your house through a crack or crevice somewhere. Roaches and ants can squeeze through gaps that we think are too tight for them. Cut off their routes of entry by sealing up any cracks and crevices you find using materials such as silicone sealants.
4) Install Screens in Your Windows
It may be tempting to keep your windows perpetually shut to prevent bugs and lizards from entering your home. Unfortunately, it’s not a feasible plan of action given Singapore’s tropical climate. Without any ventilation, your home will become stuffy.
So how do you keep your home ventilated while preventing lizards and bugs from getting in through the windows? Consider installing magnetic window screens. These have a fine mesh that allows air to flow through while obstructing bugs and lizards. Since these screens are attached using magnets, they can be easily removed when needed.
5) Use Baits
If you already have pests in your home, the most effective way to get rid of them is to start at the source. Buy ant or roach baits available at most supermarkets. Roaming pests will bring these baits back to their nests, gradually poisoning the entire colony.
Set the bait traps up at areas where ants or roaches are frequently seen. You may see increased pest activity around the baits for a few days. However, there should be fewer pest sightings once the baits take effect.
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