Woodlands Street 13

About Woodlands Street 13

Woodlands Street 13 situated in Woodlands estate is an HDB estate that is known for its unique urban residential appeal. The estate is located on leasehold land between Malaysia and Singapore. Woodlands HDB estate was developed with a 99-year lease and provides homes for about 200,000 persons. The residents of this estate include foreigners and locals who live in flats of different sizes. There are flats in Woodlands estate to cater to a range of residential needs. Residents of Woodlands estate enjoy living within a well-established urban area. The location of Woodlands HDB estate gives it a unique residential appeal.


There are about 120,000 flats within Woodlands HDB estate. The flats are of different sizes and located in different streets. There is a total of about 40 streets in Woodlands HDB estate. The estate is located in an area that leads to Johor Bahru, a Malaysian city. The accessibility of Woodlands estate to Johor Bahru gives residents access to a lot of facilities including those that support an urban lifestyle.


Woodlands HDB estate is divided into streets which include Woodlands Street 13. The streets that are part of Woodlands estate holds blocks of flats with a varying number if flats. Woodlands Street 13 was developed in about a decade. The development of Woodlands Street 13 started in 1985 and last developed was in 1995. There are 44 blocks of flats on Woodlands Street 13. Woodlands Street 13 has 3,428 flats of different sizes. Flats available on Woodlands Street 13 include three-room flats, four-room flats, five-room flats and executive flats. Flats on Woodlands Street 13 include those that are still in the original state they were built and those flats whose facilities have been improved.


A notable feature of the streets in Woodlands HDB estate is the availability of facilities to cater to a variety of needs of residents of the area. The available facilities cater to needs which include transportation needs, recreational needs, childcare needs, shopping needs and educational needs.


Facilities that cater to the transportation needs of residents of Woodlands Street 13 include bus stops and train stations. The nearby bus stops which residents of Woodlands Street 13 can depend on include the bus stop at block 178, the bus stop opposite block 178 and the bus stop at block 173 where there are numerous buses available. Bus 911 is available at the bus stop at block 178 as well as the bus stop opposite block 178. At the bus stop at block 173, there are several buses available. Residents of Woodlands Streets 13 can board buses 856, 187, 966, 925, 925C, 926, 950, 960, 961, 961C, 963, 963E and 963R at the bus stop at block 173.


Train stations such as Marsiling MRT Station, Kranji MRT Station and Woodlands MRT Station are also located close to Woodlands Street 13.


Childcare facilities, as well as educational facilities are also numerous in the vicinity of Woodlands Street 13. The nearby childcare and educational facilities include the following.


Nearby Childcare Facilities

  • Sweetlands Childcare Woodlands 896B Pte. Ltd.
  • PCF Woodlands Blk 853
  • My World @ Woodlands
  • PAP Community Foundation Woodlands


Sweetlands Childcare Woodlands 896B Pte. Ltd. is located at 896B Woodlands Drive 50. PCF Woodlands Blk 853 is located at 1 Woodlands Street 83. My World @ Woodlands is located at 863 Woodlands Street 83.


Nearby Primary Schools

  • Fuchun Primary School
  • Marsiling Primary School
  • Si Long Primary School


Fuchun Primary School is located about 380 metres away. Marsiling Primary School is located about 420 metres away. Si Ling Primary School is located about 970 metres away.


Nearby Secondary Schools

  • Marsiling Secondary School
  • Fuchun Secondary Schools,
  • Woodlands Secondary School


Marsiling Secondary School is located about 340 metres away. Fuchun Secondary School is located about 350 metres away. Woodlands Secondary School is located about 670 metres away.


Residents of Woodlands Street 13 also have easy access to lifestyle facilities such as shopping malls. There are numerous shopping malls in the area, and they include the following.


Nearby Shopping Malls

  • Causeway Point
  • Woodlands North Plaza
  • Vista Point


Some of the streets through which one can get to Woodlands Street 13 include Woodlands Centre Road, Woodlands Street 11 and Woodlands Avenue 3.

HDB Blocks

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Woodlands Street 13, 730101
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