Lorong Ah Soo

About Lorong Ah Soo

Lorong Ah Soo is located in Hougang which is a centralized location is Singapore. The name is derived from the term “heartland” in the local language. It is given this name due to its location as a centre of a bigger area. The area consists of condominiums and Housing & Development Board (HDB) flats. There are about a total of 47,000 units of residential and commercial flats. Most of the units are four bedroom layouts. The construction and development of the area began in the 80’s and since then the prices of the units have been increasing significantly each year.


Lorong Ah Soo consists of eighteen blocks in total. The postal address for the street ranges from 530128 to 536725. There are 18 blocks with a total of 1829 HDB units. Even though there are a large number of units but the area is large and spacious enough to let the units have appropriate privacy and spacing between each other. The street was developed between the year 1829 and newest development was done in 1985. There are three room, four room, five HDB units as well as executive flats available in the street. The price is on a constant rise each year and hence investment in this property is a prosperous opportunity.


Lorong Ah Soo has several means of transportations that connect it faster and efficiently with the rest of the city. Residents of this area also have access to public bus services that are operated by the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) and Singapore Bus Service (SBS). The buses available are frequent in numbers and come very often so the residents don’t have to wait for long. Some of the bus services are bus no-136, 137, 138, 141, 142, 144 and 145. For residents who prefer to travel via MRT’s some of the major MRT stations are just within a kilometer radius. Some of the stations are Serangoon MRT Station (NE12/CC13), Kovan MRT Station (NE13) and Bartley MRT Station (CC12). There are several taxi stands nearby as well.


Educational Institutions

This area has so many well established and well-known educational institutions present here that locals don’t have to travel to far places for better educational facilities. Some of the important institutions are-


Primary Schools

The primary schools are one of the initial steps of a child’s basic education these schools are known to imparting the best quality education for the kids and they are at a walk able distance.

  • Hougang Primary School
  • Xinghua Primary School
  • Yio Chu Kang Primary School


Secondary Schools

  • Bowen Secondary School
  • Holy Innocent's High School
  • Montfort Secondary School


Tertiary Institutes

For residents who are students they can save a lot of time and money by living in this area due to the number of prominent colleges present in the vicinity of the estate.

  • Serangoon Junior College
  • University of New Brunswick
  • Hougang Japanese Language School


Shopping Centers

The shopping centers here make the availability of basic as well as luxurious items easy for the residents.

  • Hougang Green Shopping Mall
  • Hougang Mall
  • NTUC Hougang Mall


Dine-Out Places

There is something for everyone in the area as there is not only just the local cuisine but also many multi cuisines restaurants in the area due to the diversity of population here.

  • Jack's Place
  • Kopitiam
  • Suki Sushi


Community Centers and Clubs

The number of community centers and clubs allows the locals to bond with each other better and live harmoniously as a better community. These places are great to spend a relaxing evening after a hectic day. They can be used to hang out with friends and family on a regular basis. Some of the community centers and clubs nearby are-

  • Hougang Swimming Complex
  • Catholic Archdiocesan Youth Centre (CAYC)
  • Hougang Community Club


Healthcare Facilities

There are several hospitals and clinics nearby for medical emergencies that can be reached by a short drive. They are efficient and provide the best staff and medical services like-

  • Institute of Mental Health
  • Buangkok Green Medical Park
  • Bright Vision Hospital

Places of Worship

The places of worship are essential for any place with such a large number of people with different backgrounds. And this area has many such places that aids to the religious obligations of its hundreds of residents. Some of the places nearby are-

  • Hong Lai Sze Temple
  • Glad Tidings Church
  • Masjid En-Naeem (Mosque)


Other HDB estates that are similar to this street are- Hougang Street 11, Hougang Avenue 1, and Hougang Avenue 3.


HDB Blocks

BLK 128
Lorong Ah Soo, 530128
BLK 129
Lorong Ah Soo, 530129
BLK 131
Lorong Ah Soo, 530131
BLK 132
Lorong Ah Soo, 530132
BLK 133
Lorong Ah Soo, 530133
BLK 135
Lorong Ah Soo, 530135
BLK 136
Lorong Ah Soo, 530136
BLK 137
Lorong Ah Soo, 530137
BLK 140
Lorong Ah Soo, 530140
BLK 141
Lorong Ah Soo, 530141