Hougang Street 21

About Hougang Street 21

Hougang Street 21 is one of the numerous HDB streets located in the residential town of Hougang. Apart from being a residential town, Hougang is also a planning area located in the North-East Region of Singapore, which houses approximately about 179.5k residents across the 54k flats under the management of Housing Development Board (HDB). Hougang, over the years has developed enough to become the largest HDB town in Singapore. Hougang is one of the prime residential location among the moss because of the luxuries the HDB flats and the condominiums the town has to provide. The ideal weather conditions also add to the popularity of the place among the buyers.


Hougng Street 21 has a total of about 20 blocks of HDB flats with postal codes of the area varying from 530201 and 530237. Hougang Street 21 has a total of 641 units with the most common unit configuration being 3 rooms unit, 4 room units, 5 rooms units and executive units, with the 4 room units and 5 room units being the most popular with buyers and investors. The oldest of the HDB block to be developed in the area was in 1984, whereas the last one was developed as late as 1992.​


Another reason why Hougang Street 21 is popular among buyers is the abundance of public transportation in the vicinity. Moving in and out of the place is quite an easy task as there are numerous bus stops along the entire stretch of Houang Street 21. Some of these bus stops, to name, would be Kovan Hub, Kovan Sports Ctr, Bet Blks 210/211, Kovan, Oppblk 211, KovanStn Ext B, blk 232, oppblk 232, opp The Helping Hand, Glad Tidings Ch, etc. The buses that one might find along this route include buses such as bus 53, 53M, 62, 62A, 80, 80A, 81, 82, 101, 107, 107M, 112, 112A, 113, 113A, 115, 119, 136, and 153. One can hop into any of the buses to reach their desired destination without any hassle. ​


Apart from the buses, the other option for public transportation in the area is the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) service. In fact, there are quite a few MRT stations near Hougang Street 21. These MRT Stations are Kovan MRT Station (NE13), Serangoon MRT Station (CC13), Hougang MRT Station (NE14) and Bartley MRT Station (CC12). Travelling in private to and from Hougang Street 21 is also easy due to the expressways like Upper Serangoon Rd, Tampines Rd, Hougang Ave 3, KPE and Defu Flyover.​


Hougang Street 21 is both great for families and working adults given the type of amenities it has to provide to its residents. For families looking for child care or schools, there lies a host of options in the vicinity. Some of the prominent day care centres and schools are named hereby.​


Child Care Centres:​

  • Junior Champs Preschool (Kovan Heartland Mall)​
  • PCF PayaLebarBlk 221​
  • Hougang Sheng Hong Student Care Centre​
  • Chummy Child Care Centre​



  • DPS International School Singapore​
  • Xinghua Primary School​
  • Yuying Secondary School​


Also, Hougang Street 21 also great for young adults because of the modern amenities it offers to those who are always on the go. Such amenities include shopping malls, parks, eateries and restaurants, entertainment complexes, clinics and places of religious interest. ​



  • Nakhon Kitchen​
  • Knuckles Bistro​
  • Hansik Restaurant ​


Shopping Malls:​

  • Kovan Heartland Mall (8 minutes walk away)​
  • Hougang Green Shopping Mall (12 minutes drive away)​
  • The Promenade @ Pelikat (9 minutes walk away)​
  • NEX (6 minutes drive away)​


Recreational Centres:​

  • Kovan Sports Centre​
  • Bubble Bump Gym​
  • TAPS Centre​


Apart from these, at Hougang Street 21, there is a well which marks the location of the former Teochew Village, called 'tuajiaka' or 'foot of a big well'. This village was popular for its food and street opera, or wayangs. Today, this well is located within the area known as Kovan City.​


Hougang Street is also connected to other HDB streets such as Upper Serangoon Road, and Hougang Avenue 1.

HDB Blocks

HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 210
Hougang Street 21, 530210
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 211
Hougang Street 21, 530211
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 221
Hougang Street 21, 530221
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 222
Hougang Street 21, 530222
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 231
Hougang Street 21, 530231