About Bukit Merah

Bukit Merah in the literal sense means 'red hill' in Malay, a term which derived its name from kampongs (malay villages), that used to populate Singapore in the olden days. The area has seen a tremendous growth in its real estate market particularly for residential purposes.

Bukit Merah in the literal sense means 'red hill' in Malay, a term which derived its name from kampongs (malay villages), that used to populate Singapore in the olden days. The area has seen a tremendous growth in its real estate market particularly for residential purposes. Extensive redevelopment undertaking has been going on to promote the real estate market here. The Housing Development Board has gained immense popularity providing condominium and residential property. Over 47,500 housing units serves the residential purposes of more than 154,000 local residents.

Situated near the Keppel harbour which houses the busiest ports in the world - namely Berani Port and Tanjong Pagar - Bukit Merah is extremely suitable for industrial and commercial development. Bukit Merah HDB estate on the other hand provides all the facilities and amenities essential for a modern day living for both residents and visitors. These include educational institutes, shopping malls, restaurants, banks, natural parks, hospitals, night clubs and a well connected transportation system. Offering flats of varying price ranges, the Bukit Merah HDB estate is able to provide homes for all budgets without sacrificing on the quality.

Location Specifics

The Bukit Merah HDB estate is housed at a prime location of Bukit Merah. The residential units are spacious with excellent and bright ambience. The neighbouring regions are Leng Kee (District 03), Sentosa (District 04) and Pasir Panjang (District 05).

To make planning and development of the residential units easy, the area has been divided into several sub-zones. These are:

  • - Maritime Square
  • - Bukit Merah
  • - Redhill
  • - Singapore General Hospital
  • - Alexandra Hill
  • - Henderson Hill
  • - Bukit Ho Swee
  • - Tiong Bahru
  • - Kampong Tiong Bahru
  • - Depot Road
  • - Telok Blangah Drive
  • - Telok Blangah Way
  • - Telok Blangah Rise
  • - Everton Park
  • - Tanjong Pagar

Transportation Facilities

There are ample transportation services available to the local residents of Bukit Merah HDB estate to make commuting in Singapore easy.

If travelling by railways, Redhill Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station (EW19) serves the residents of the HDB estate.

If travelling by buses, bus services are available from Bukit Merah Bus Interchange and Jalan Bukit Merah that serves the main road link between the estate and the rest of Singapore. Bus services that run in the area are:

  • - SMRT -176,851,176,NR5 etc.
  • - SBS - 273,272,275 etc.


Taxis and hired cars are also used as convenient modes of transport by the residents.

Educational Institutions

There are a number of primary and secondary educational institutions in and around Bukit Merah HDB imparting education to its residents. Universities and institutions offering tertiary courses are also present at close proximity from the HDB estate complex. Some of these have been listed below:


Primary Schools

  • - Gan Eng Seng Primary School
  • - Blangah Rise Primary School


Secondary Schools

  • - Henderson Secondary School
  • - Bukit Merah Secondary School
  • - Gan Eng Seng Secondary School


Tertiary Institutions

  • - EASB Institute of Management
  • - SGP International Management Academy
  • - James Cook University (JCU)



Bukit Merah HDB estate offers healthy living conditions as well as all the facilities needed in the modern age. shopping complexes, dine-out places, hospitals, banks, ATM, entertainment complexes, clubs and places of religious interest are in present in multitude.


Shopping Centres

  • - Anchorpoint
  • - VivoCity
  • - Bukit Merah Central


Dine-Out Places

  • - Brinda's
  • - Komala's
  • - Red Hill food centre
  • - IKEA Restaurant & Café.


Community Centres and Clubs

  • - Henderson Community Centre
  • - Bukit Merah Community Centre (CC)
  • - Leng Kee Community Centre (CC)


Healthcare Facility

  • - Singapore Gamma Knife Centre
  • - Singapore General Hospital
  • - Singapore Nationa Eye Centre


Places of Worship

  • - Chin Leng Keng Chinese Temple
  • - Masjid Jamiyah Al-Rabitah
  • - Church Of God



  • - Touch Community Theatre
  • - Bukit Merah Community Library
  • - Labrador Nature Park
  • - Mount Faber Park


There is a huge popularity of HDB Estate in Bukit Merah. The high sale prices of Bukit Merah HDB Estate units with four or five rooms have set the national benchmark. This is due to the ever increasing demand and excellent living conditions offered by HDB estate. Bukit Merah houses some of the most costly and luxurious flats in Singapore. Continuous development process is underway to support many more HDB estates in this area.


Did you know...

  • • There is a particular bloody Malay legend associated with Bukit Merah. There used to be many fishing villages that could be found around Singapore, and these fishermen used to be plagued by swordfish which would often attack them when they went out. This went on for quite sometime until a young boy who lived on the top of a hill suggested to the sultan that a row of banana tree trunks be erected to ward off the swordfish, so that when the swordfish attacked they would get stuck in the barrier. The idea proved to be effective and through this method the villagers won over the swordfish. The sultan however felt threatened by the intelligence of the boy, and sent his men to kill the boy. The men carried out his orders one night, and upon the boy's death his blood spilled out and flowed down the hill he lived on, dyeing it red and giving the area its name.


  • • Mount Faber, located in the Bukit Merah area, was one of the pit-stops in the TV reality show The Amazing Race (season 3).

HDB Flats For Sale

27A Jalan Membina
BLK 27A Jalan Membina
HDB - 4A 27A Jalan Membina
S$ 899,000
21 Lim Liak Street
BLK 21 Lim Liak Street
HDB - 3STD (Standard) 21 Lim Liak Street
S$ 838,000
129 Bukit Merah View
BLK 129 Bukit Merah View
HDB - 3I (Improved) 129 Bukit Merah View
S$ 340,000
Starting From
65 Telok Blangah Drive
BLK 65 Telok Blangah Drive
HDB - 3NG (Modified) 65 Telok Blangah Drive
S$ 538,888
30 Telok Blangah Rise
BLK 30 Telok Blangah Rise
HDB - 3NG (New Generation) 30 Telok Blangah Rise
S$ 420,000
View to Offer

HDB Flats For Rent

83 Redhill Lane
BLK 83 Redhill Lane
HDB - 5I 83 Redhill Lane
S$ 1,000 /mo
44 Telok Blangah Drive
BLK 44 Telok Blangah Drive
HDB - 3NG (Modified) 44 Telok Blangah Drive
S$ 3,000 /mo
6 Telok Blangah Crescent
BLK 6 Telok Blangah Crescent
HDB - 3I (Improved) 6 Telok Blangah Crescent
S$ 3,200 /mo
102 Henderson Crescent
BLK 102 Henderson Crescent
HDB - 4NG (New Generation) 102 Henderson Crescent
S$ 1,000 /mo
View to Offer
110A Depot Road
BLK 110A Depot Road
HDB - 4A 110A Depot Road
S$ 5,000 /mo

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