COVID-19 has brought new realities to our lives, that just a few months ago, seemed unimaginable. Stay-at-home orders are keeping many people close to home, and social distancing is now widely accepted as the new norm.  

In the midst of this, we are also discovering new ways to get things done while working at home. While the world becomes increasingly digital, even more so in this current situation, you can check out these 3 useful online marketing tools that are available to you in this day and time, so you can bring your leads closer to you. In our previous article, we also shared Helpful Tips To Close Deals During COVID-19 to prepare you for a strong bounce back when COVID-19 eases.  

1. Keyword Research Tools

In this digital age, where information is readily available at the click of a mouse, property seekers are using search engines more than ever to search for their next home. If you want to increase leads and sell more properties, you will need to – literally – pop up in front of a property seeker’s face at the same moment they’re searching for them. It’s doable, and here’s how you can do it with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to build your online presence and channel prospects from the search engine to your website.  

What does SEO and SEM refer to?  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps to improve a website’s visibility in organic search engine results. When you use SEO, you are actively working to improve your website, so it appears towards the top of organic search engine results.  It is a reliable and affordable way to generate more clicks to your website since no payment is required.  

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is also commonly referred to as Paid Search advertising. Paid search ads are displayed above organic search engine results and they come with a small “Ad” text placed in front of the ad. 


Using complex algorithms, Google ranks pages in its index that it believes are best suited to provide users with the information that they seek based on the queries that are searched. To rank your ad on the top of a Google search result page, you need to create educational and engaging content revolving around users’ searches – also known as keywords.  

The keywords refer to the terms that users search on the search engine. Different keywords will have different search volume than others. You may use KWFinder or Google Keyword Planner to help you find the right keyword to use on your listing description and agent profile

Once you have applied the right keyword, it will bring more leads to you. 

2. Google Trends

This is another great tool to check out and get popular keywords and trends that relate to your objectives. And this is free and easy to use! 

Google Trends is a website by Google that analyses the popularity of top search queries in Google Search across various regions and languages within Google Search, Google News, Google Images, Google Shopping and YouTube. The website uses graphs to compare the search volume of different queries over time.  

This tool can compare search queries to explain a trend of property seeker behaviour in a specific period. For example, when you compare the search volume of “Condo for Rent” and “Condo for Sale” in the past 3 months, you can then focus on the one that generates a higher search volume to get in sales leads. 


Google Trends also provides geographical information about search engine users by showing you related search terms and how interest varies by subregion. This information is especially helpful when you’re trying to understand the demands in larger cities. 

You also can see related queries, so you get a better understanding of other similar searches that you can also pay attention to.  


3. Boost Feature

Now that we have talked about SEO and SEM, it’s also important for you to ensure your listings rank highly within the first page on property search results so you can outrank and outshine your competitors and bring greater exposure and potential leads to your business.  

One way to ensure that your listings get more visibility and stay on top of search results is to use our Boost feature.  

BoostListingMockup (1)

Boost enables your listing to garner more leads by: (1) Increasing your listing exposure, (2) Reinforcing your personal brand and credibility, and (3) Engaging your target audience upfront. Boost your listing now or learn more about Boost here.  

To activate Boost, you need Ad Credits

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