Dear Agent Partners, 

Hope you and loved ones are coping well, the time we’re facing now is an exceptional one. 

Being the first to roll out a suite of relief initiatives for you on 18th March 2020, we understand that the situation has since progressed. We have heard your feedback and are committed to stand united with you, continuously

In response to the Circuit Breaker measures announced by the Singapore Government, we have put together a Circuit Breaker Edition of our COVID-19 Relief Initiative.  

Available immediately till 11th May 2020, this edition of measures is an add-on to the first set of initiatives. It is aimed at providing you with a peace of mind as we tide through this period of disruption together with the rest of Singapore.   

Be reassured that we’re here with you and are constantly on the lookout to offer the further support you need into the future.

Measures to Support You through the Circuit Breaker 

60 Days Extension for Purchased Ad Credits with nearby expiry  

If you have Ad Credits purchased as top-ups and they are due to expire between 7th April to 11th May 2020, you might be finding it difficult to use them up ahead of their expiry. 

Good news, their expiry date will be extended by 60 days. The extension will be done in batches, you may find the detailed schedule in our Help Article. Post extension, you may refer to Ad Credits Summary on AgentNet for their new expiry dates. 

60 Days Extension for Ad Credits Remaining in Packages with nearby expiry 

If your Agent or Corporate account is eligible for renewal but have remaining Ad Credits that are expiring with your package, you might be worried that you will have to let them go to waste. 

Good news, the expiry date of these remaining Ad Credits will be extended by 60 days so that you can continue to use them after you’ve renewed your account. This extension is available for accounts expiring in April, May and June 2020 that are renewed within the same or higher tier between 13th April to 11th May 2020

Refinance Your Home to Enable Savings  

If you own a private property and are currently paying mortgage, you may be paying more than you should. Contact your Personal Home Loan Assistant and let us help you save on your mortgage payments for that added cashflow you could use.  

Exclusively available for you at PropertyGuru Finance: you’ll also earn full commission plus bonus Ad Credits when you successfully refinance your home. 

If you’re interested in finding out how PropertyGuru Finance makes this happen for you so that you could make it happen for your customers too, register for a webinar session here

We Continue to Serve You 

Lock down or not, we will continue to work hard in engaging the property seekers you need and to deliver the best-in-market results to you

Whilst we stay home, we remain ready to serve your needs. Your PropertyGuru Customer Care team and Account Manager remain contactable via hotline, mobile phones, chat and emails. Alternatively, answers to questions you have can also be found in Help Centre

Whilst you stay home, you’re invited to a set of specially curated resources we’ve prepared for you. You can expect helpful tips, inspiring stories, expert insights and advices aimed to empower you through this time and to equip you for a strong bounce back once the situation improves.  

Find them in:  
– Weekly articles published on our Agent Blog 
– Weekly webinar sessions presented by PropertyGuru Academy 

For further details on these measures, please refer to FAQs.

tay home. Stay safe. Together, we will overcome the pandemic. 

– PropertyGuru Team 

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Check out your COVID-19 Resource Guide to see the relief measures, latest webinars and articles available to you! 

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Apr 24, 2020
Will there be a time when whatever/however you search, there is ZERO listing in PG website. Thats the time when PG traffic rate will dive down! It has been enjoying high traffic visit and successful website for property seekers cos most of us agents will list our listings here. If agents are United and take down all our listings online, may i know who will go into PG website??
Lawrence Tan
Apr 23, 2020
Your credit extension relief should to given to all existing subscribers. Furthermore the circuit breaker has just extended till 1 June. What is PG going to do to help us?
Apr 22, 2020
Myself and my wife (both agents) have just renewed our packages in end March / early Apr before the CB. We were charged for the $23xx for a 12 months instalments to our credit cards. Before the start of my renewed term in early Apr, I contacted PG customer service for renewal and also the account manager to cancel my subscription since maintaining my wife PG account will be sufficient for this year will be sufficient. What I get is just the "official" answer that says the subscription cannot be cancelled and full stop. No sympathy nor any attempt to help at all. So disgusting and hypocritical.
Apr 21, 2020
Totally agreed with our business associates , you are wasting time ! Please reduce our renewal fees and adv credits !
Oh Ngin Hong
Apr 20, 2020
Would it be appropriate to extend the expiry date of existing subscription for based on the duration or up to a number of days of the "circuit breaker". That would surely help and be appreciated by subscribers.
Chua Li Li
Apr 20, 2020
Please revert to pricing one year ago and reduce the credits per ad.
Ganesan Nesh
Apr 20, 2020
Hi i have renewed my account last month. My credits are expiring tomorrow. can they be bring forward for the next 60days?
Kiwi Lim
Apr 18, 2020
If my package expires in after May, I will not be able to enjoy the 60 days extension relief? Can you advice your management to assist? We are affected by Covid19 too and if this is Covid19 relief, then it should include us agents whose accounts expire after My 2020. Thanks in advance. You may reach me - Kiwi Lim (Huttons Asia)
May Liow
Apr 18, 2020
I totally agreed with what other subscribers have said. PG has not been seen in honestly trying to help the agents.
Thomas Lum
Apr 18, 2020
Your relief effort is bare minimum.