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Hi D65,

Under the CEA ruling, all salespersons having their listing advertised would have direct contact with the landlord. If you engage a salesperson, he/she may need to co-broke with another salesperson. The key advantage is that it should save you time & effort in the search, not to mention looking out for your interest. Of course, you would need to consider additional cost like paying commission to the appointed salesperson.

Hope this info helps.

So if you decided to give it another shot to engage a salesperson, feel free to contact me at ctw4393@yahoo.com.sg

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  • DF
    Thank you-this answer puts a little more light on the subject. In my case the co-broking agents who were "working for me" had no power and couldn't negotiate anything. How do I determine if a listing advertised is from the landlord's agent or an "renter's" agent looking for customers?
Hi D65,

I am sorry to hear about your situation. If you do not mind, it will be great if you are able to share with me your requirements as well as your background.

Reason in needing to know your background is to furnish these details to the potential landlords who may have certain restrictions to the type of tenants they are looking for.

Thank you.

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