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There are actually many factors to consider. I am able to share more on this and advise you. Do drop me a text at 97656222 

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Hi, appreciate your sharing. Which area are you looking at ?
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My Answer with regards to your Question:

While an estate with a high number of transactions may indicate strong demand, it doesn't necessarily guarantee the highest profit potential. Several factors can influence the profitability of a property investment, including:

Location: Consider factors such as proximity to amenities, public transportation, schools, employment hubs, and future development plans in the area. Desirable locations tend to command higher prices and may offer better potential for capital appreciation.

Supply and Demand Dynamics: High demand in a particular estate may drive up prices, but it's essential to assess whether this demand is sustainable in the long term. Factors such as population growth, demographic trends, and government policies can impact demand.

Property Condition and Features: The condition, layout, and features of the property can affect its attractiveness to buyers or renters. Well-maintained properties with desirable features may command higher prices and attract more potential buyers.

Market Conditions: Consider the overall property market conditions, including trends in property prices, interest rates, and economic indicators. A thorough analysis of market conditions can help you make informed decisions about when and where to invest.

Financial Considerations: Evaluate your own financial situation, including your budget, financing options, and investment goals. Consider factors such as mortgage rates, down payment requirements, and potential rental income when assessing the profitability of an investment.

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Robbie Chen Chee Howe

Your reasoning is not necessary true. The most number of transactions can also mean there are alot of Sellers in the area. Which means you will be facing a lot of competition when it's time for you to sell. How do you stand out from these competition then?

I am experienced and well-versed in both HDB and private transactions. I will be able to assist you in your property plans. Please get in touch with me for a more in-depth discussion.

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Thank you.

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