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You should check with the listing agent if commission is applicable, and if you do not wish to pay, then just move on to the next listing if the agent indicate that it is applicable. Read More
Hi, this depends on the agent you approach as it is highly related to the agent.

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Here are some additional points to consider:

Check the Listing: The rental listing might specify who is responsible for the commission (landlord or tenant).
Negotiate Commission: The commission amount is negotiable between the agent and their client (landlord or tenant).
No Commission for Tenant: If you, as a tenant, find a listing directly and contact the landlord, you usually wouldn't pay any commission.

Direct Communication: When contacting a rental listing (landlord or agent), clarify who is responsible for the commission to avoid any surprises.
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First of all, you need to understand why you are paying the agent's commission. You are paying for a professional to not aide you but to be represent your interest in a property that you like. Unless you are prepared to undertake said responsibilities, you should engage a professional to assist. If there is no one representing you, you do not need to pay any fees. Hope it answers your question.

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Great question! Here's what you need to know about renting property and broker commissions on PropertyGuru:

- Typically, tenants do not need to pay a commission for renting properties directly listed by landlords on PropertyGuru.
- However, if you engage a broker to help you find a property or negotiate on your behalf, a commission may be required. This is usually about half a month's rent for a one-year lease.
- Always clarify the commission terms upfront to avoid any surprises.

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