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Soh Huan Yao (Stanley)
hi CSCA,

For loan portion, you will be eligible to 80% loan subject to bank approval if you do not have other housing loan.

the 20% will consist of
1% cash offer
4% cash exercise of option
15% in cash and/or CPF on completion in 8-12 weeks time.
other cash to take note is the stamp duty which is to be paid in 2 weeks from signing the option. You can reimburse this from CPF if you want.

Call me if i can of further assistance.

Stanley Soh
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Christine Peng 彭婷婷
Downpayment is 20% of the total purchase price for a first timer private house buyer. Among the 20%, the initial 5% must be paid by Cash, the rest 15% you might use either your cash or CPF.
If you need assistance in purchase a private house, you may contact me @ 9107 0252. Thanks!
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