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Lyna Song
Hi Adam;

Have you met the Minimum Occupation Period for your hdb flat?If yes,then you can rent out your hdb flat(whole unit).All you need to do is to apply for approval with HDB(can do online too)..Please feel free to contact me if you need help in marketing your unit.I have a few ready tenants(professional / families) on hand looking for whole unit to rent in all area.Thanks..

Lyna from ERA
9623 8442
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Eric Teo
Hi Adam

If you reach the MOP period you can rent it out , if have the chance hopei can serve you feel free to email your unit photo so that i can do more marketing for you .

Eric teo ERA
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Catherine PANG
in addition to above, the tenant's profile is also important...as it will affect your monthly payment collection and welfare of the house.. 9680 4288
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