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Ken Tan

If you are talking about investment, you will of course have to calculate all the capital outlay you have to pay to calculate your ROI. For the private property market, it is a practice that the buyer will share the commission from the seller. However, taking CEA rules into consideration, the agent will then be acting on the Seller's behalf since he is paying the agent.

You should pay the agent serving you based on the type of service he provides.

Ken Tan

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Mike Tay
Dear Tham

The practice for buying is 1%+GST and for selling is 2%+GST. These however are not cast in stone. All commission is negotiable between you and your agent. There are no fix rules.

If the agent is sourcing, serving, negotiating and representing you, then you should probably pay him.

If the agent is a co-broke agent, he is acting on behalf of the seller then there is no need to pay him. The seller would take into account his payable commission into the selling price.

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