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Bhavina Kaur
I would suggest a D9/D15 condo over a low end landed property.

Within that price range, a low end landed property would likely be quite old and leasehold. There won't be as much room for capital appreciation as compared to a FREEHOLD D9/D15 condo which you can get in that price range.

There are quite a few good D9 and D15 options in the market currently, many of which are new and recently TOP. Some of them are having massive discounts where you save quite a lot as compared to when they were first launched as well as beneficial schemes such as Deferred Payment Scheme and so on.

Such schemes allow you to start renting out now so you can collect rental income and save and the 80% portion of the payment starts only after 12/24 months.

Do contact me @ 91708295 to learn more about these projects and schemes. I look forward to assisting you with making the right investment choice.

Bhavina Kaur
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Aaron Chong
Hi, due to the weak market sentiment, there are quite a number of good buy at D9. And by the way, D9 tends to have a better capital appreciation as well as rental yield as compare to the other district.

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Ivan Ng

With the planned price range, you may have limited options for landed property. Imho, getting a D9 condo maybe more suitable as the chances of potential capital appreciation are higher and rental demand is assured. Prices at the prime areas have come down significantly, and might be a good window for attractive entry levels. Though without more of your inputs on the requirements, I can only make broad suggestions.

May I have more info and requirements about your plans so to make better recommendations? Thanks and look forward to value-add to your housing plans.

Warm Regards,
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  • JL
    Hi,understand that my price range can get only Thomson landed or lowered end D9. What about Tanjong Rhu, Meyer rd freehold with new MRT upcoming? As I need to have 3bedroom, in case I can't afford and might sell my exist home.
Mark Ng S W
Hi do contact me at 97970200 or ngsiewwhye@gmail.com to discuss more. Have a few options for you to consider

Mark, your RIGHT choice
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D. Kumar

Perhaps you could share more on your requirements, preferences, objectives (investment etc) and finances on hand (cash/ cpf OA sum) for me to be in a better position to advise further. With that in mind, I will be able to conduct a comprehensive financial cash calculations and progressive payments w timeline to asses which residence option will best suit your interest and property portfolio. Best, to take this step by step, with a long term perspective ; % scope of appreciation and capital gains in mind.

I will take this opportunity to shed some insights to the market and offer a preliminary overview of high yield projects with higher rate of returns.
Furthermore, it will be apt for me to map out the live transaction caveats and illustrate the price analysis ( capital gain / rental & sales report ) to explain in depth more on the procedural framework involved. You can also take this opportunity to clear your enquiries and allow me to suggest alternatives to leverage on the weak market! To add, there is no agent fees involved ; so my consultation and service will come at no cost and you are walked step by step throughout the process. Do visit my website for my high level of awards and testimonials! Look forward to your reply!

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Joanne Chia 谢诗琳
Good day Sir / madam .

Please note ABSD additional buyer stamp duty of 7% payable if you intent to own 2 residential property . Plus another 3% BSD buyer stamp duty . .

Alternatively , you may want to do your sums and consider selling 1 property and buying another replacement property , to save on the 7% ABSD .

The rental market is very weak for landlords if you choose to keep 2 properties , you may want to ask multi property owners around to verify my point .

Kindly contact me for a no-obligations chat for your property needs .

My charges are 1% commission for exclusive selling rights ( 1 sole agent only ) to your property , or 2% for open listing ( many agents ) .

No commission chargeable when i serve private property buyers .

Joanne chia
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Bertram Tian 田鎮偉

Having transactions in both landed and condos, I am well-placed to observe that the maintenance and upkeep of landed properties tend to be higher.

For landed properties, the cost of repair tend to be higher as you have take into consideration, the upkeep of both the interior and the exterior of the house. Repairs of roofing can be quite costly too. You would also have to paint the exterior of the house periodically as well. The auto-gate might need to be maintained from time to time.

During periods where there are no tenants in the house, you would have to cater to the upkeep of the land. This includes gardening and pest control. (I have not included the maintenance of swimming pool as low-end landed is not likely to include a pool.)

Having managed a number of landed properties for my clients, I would have the real-life experience you could relate to.

In terms of rental yield, landed properties tend to have lower yield compared to condos, which should be a big consideration in choosing which asset class to invest in.

Having marketed both landed and condos for rental, the condos would generally be easier to rent as there would be less upkeep for the tenant to be concerned with.

From the price guide, the condos you could invest in are likely to be more accessible, which plays a big part in the rentabilty.

In terms of exiting the market when the next market upswing beckons, the condo tend to be easier to offload as well.

Do call me at 93217825 to hear both the merits of D9/15 condo and landed properties.

Bertram Tian
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Robbie Chen Chee Howe

It all depends whether you want to stay in a landed property or not.

If you're not particular and can stay in a condo, I strongly advise you investing in a condo. And with your budget, preferably in central district.

Reasons is because, the rental yield of a condo in central district is typically higher than that of a low-end landed property. Coupled with the higher maintenance cost of a old landed property, it just makes perfect sense to get a newer condo.

Do take note that there will be ABSD applicable, and if your current condo is still under loan, you will only be able to loan up to a max of 50% for your next purchase.

Of course, there are other ways for you to work around, where you may be able to save on ABSD and yet get up to 80% loan for your next property. In case you're not aware of these methods, do get in touch with me, so I can share with you more.

Should you need any further assistance in matters relating to property, please contact me at my mobile 9748 6305. I will be happy to assess and share with you the possibilities for you in the current market.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Robbie Chen
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Steven Wang

I have the privilege to live and own both condo and landed house.

I will dispute earlier comments that landed upkeep is more costly than condo.

Condo maintenance charges are ever increasing. Some 2 bedroom condos in the city charge up to $800 per mth.

Even at an average of $450 per mth, thats $5.4k a year.
I do my own gardening which is therapeutic, no cost.

Auto gate doesnt cost more than $250 per annum

Repainting on the 5th or 6th year, $15k max.

Condo alone ... in 5 yrs, maintenance already cost over $27k

I dare say landed maintenance is CHEAPER than condo.

Now back to your question.
Since you are living in D15, i would suggest you look at other locations. After all , never put all your eggs in the same basket.

For your info, there are districts other (not 9 10 11 21 15 16 ) which commands better rental yields.

Anyway, your budget of up to $1.55 mil may not be sufficient to buy landed house. So condo will be your only option.

D15/16 is one of the most densely populated location.
There are many many condos and landed houses.

For rental, you will be competing with other condos.

Do think about all that i have mentioned.

If you like to hear more, do contact me.


Steven Wang
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CK Ang
For rent, D9 condo can fetch quite a good yield, it will also depends on the project and the actual location. Please drop me an email for me to share a few project for your consideration.

To assist and advise you more in details, kindly drop me an email for me to share.

I am contactable at my mobile or email.

CK Ang
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Geryl Lim
Dear sir/madam,

In an investment property, we are not only interested in rental yield or capital appreciation, but liquidity is definitely 1 of the most important aspect we need to look into, simply because paper value means nothing if the unit cannot be liquidated and you will be able to actualise the gain you are sitting on.

To look into a better choice, it would be more feasible to look into your existing unit, how can we make best of current situation to enjoy more savings in your investment planning. Restructuring asset portfolio is a popular investment strategy these days because knowing the ball game will allow you not only gain from the investment, but also savings from the investment.

At $1.5m, you do not really have significant choices moving into landed, unless like what you have already identified, in areas like Thomson Garden or Macpherson Garden, but it is likely that such units require additional cash upfront to spruce up the living conditions.

Should you wish to look into restructuring your investments and portfolio, I am actually partnering a highly experience financial planner to look into all aspects of your finances health and we can then work out something together to plan on your investments and subsequently retirement. If you are keen, let me know and we can work out a schedule to meet up for about 15-30 minutes and explore further. I am sure this session will highly benefit you in time to come.

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Silvia Yang
Hi Sir/Mdm

I will be glad to assist , Please contact me at (65) 96608508 to discuss
Thank you.

Warmest regards,

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