6 Unique Condo Facilities in Singapore That You Never Knew Existed

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6 Unique Condo Facilities in Singapore That You Never Knew Existed
One of the main appeals of living in a condominium is that it comes with condo facilities that are exclusively for the use of its residents, such as swimming pools, function halls, a gymnasium, and a BBQ area.
In recent years, developers have been coming up with various ways to attract property buyers and to differentiate their developments from other competing ones. Notably, this includes developing condos facilities that are unique from the rest.
So with that, we bring you 6 of the most unique condo facilities that you probably didn’t know existed in condos:

Unique condo facilities #1: Bowling alley

City Square Residences features one of the most unique condo facilities in Singapore: a bowling alley
Bowl the weekend away at City Square Residences
While City Square Residences offers a wealth of other recreational activities on its nicely landscaped grounds, a private bowling alley is probably the most novel attraction for its residents. Here, families can enjoy an hour or two of bowling without having to book in advance.
The bowling alley is located in the condo’s clubhouse, which features other facilities such as a fully-equipped gymnasium and a karaoke room.

Unique condo facilities #2: Rooftop pool

Whilst most condos come with swimming pools, the rooftop pool at Sky Habitat offers one of the most unique condo facilities in Singapore
The rooftop pool at Sky Habitat
When Marina Bay Sands came up with its world-famous infinity pool, it set in motion a nationwide trend of rooftop pools. For example, Alex Residences and Sky Habitat are condos that feature rooftop pools at the highest floor of their residential towers.
Granted, it might not be the Marina Bay Sands, but residents can still look forward to panoramic views of the Singapore city skyline. The pool is open all day, but no lifeguards will be present past designated hours.
The rooftop pool at The Echelon on Alexandra View also overlooks the dazzling cityscape, but with a twist. Perched on Level 42, the rooftop pool offers a BBQ pit for residents to hold gatherings. This creates the perfect setting to host private pool parties while savouring the majestic view.

Unique condo facilities #3: Sky Garden

Now that we have mentioned rooftop pools, we couldn’t possibly miss out on mentioning sky gardens. Many sky gardens were planned to be built in Singapore, and condos such as Stars of Kovan, Highline Residences, and Skyline Residences already have them.
Sky gardens benefit the environment, and also create green communal spaces which serve to increase interactions between residents.
Sky gardens is one of the most refreshing condo facilities found in condominiums
Sky gardens are a refreshing feature to find in a condo

Unique condo facilities #4: Golf driving range

Condos like Blue Horizon Fulcrum and Baywater feature one of the most unique condo facilities found in condos: a driving range
Condos like Blue Horizon, Fulcrum, and Baywater will be a delight for avid golfers
Blue Horizon, Fulcrum, and Baywater are condo complexes in Singapore that offer a golf driving range as part of their facilities. Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned golfer – no one can deny the convenience of having a golf driving range right at your doorstep.
Golf is a popular sport among higher-income individuals, which matches the profile of condo owners. Hence, it’s not surprising that these condo developments have included golfing facilities to set themselves apart from other condos.

Unique condo facilities #5: Karaoke room

Do you know that D'Leedon and The Visionaire has a karaoke room among their condo facilities?
Sing to your heart’s content at condos such as D’Leedon and The Visionaire
If you are keen on singing but struggle to find time outside of professional commitments, then you best believe this facility is meant for you. D’Leedon and The Visionaire are two examples of condos that offer karaoke as part of their extensive facilities.
Residents of The Floravale and Casa Rosa too can take advantage of having karaoke in their condos. With a karaoke studio right under your nose, you can sing your favourite songs to your heart’s content without having to wander far from home. Parc Clematis also has a multi-functional entertainment room which can be used as a karaoke room too.
Karaoke lounges are a great way to bond with your family members on the weekends. They can also serve as a way to increase interactions between the condo’s residents. Aside from their purpose as an entertainment centre, karaoke lounges can double up as a location for parties and gatherings – as long as you remember to clean up after yourself.

Unique condo facilities #6: Communal Kitchen

Parc Clematis offers a communal kitchen for residents - PropertyGuru Singapore
Parc Clematis offers a communal kitchen for residents
Parc Clematis, an upcoming 24-storey condo development, will feature a communal kitchen with an open kitchen concept.
It will allow residents to cook alongside each other and in turn, foster a sense of community between them. Residents can also host parties and private gatherings in this all-inclusive setting.
Communal kitchens are especially good for large gatherings, such as Chinese New Year reunion dinners or Christmas. If you intend to do home cooking, it’s often a hassle to clean up after yourself, and having many cooks moving around a cramped kitchen is difficult. A communal kitchen allows you to bring only what you need – and you don’t have to mop down an oily kitchen afterwards.
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