A Rental Checklist before moving in

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A Rental Checklist before moving in
Whether you’re a first time renter or an expert in renting, there are some things to consider before you rent.
You will need to match the price of the unit with its size and what features it has to determine if it is a viable option.
For instance, if you are paying $500 for a 100 sq ft. unit with no air-con features, no internet access, no cooking allowed and is far from public transport, you’re better off looking elsewhere.
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So other than a wardrobe and a working table, here are some other things you should look out for before and after you sign on the dotted line;
1. Ventilation: Make sure that the landlord has an air-conditioner or at the very least, a working fan.
It’ll save you the hassle in bringing or buying one yourself.
If no fan is provided, at least check that there are working windows.
2. Internet access: If internet is not provided by the landlord, make sure you are allowed to apply for yourself.
Singtel is the most common internet provider but there are also Starhub, Pacnet and M1 to choose from.
3. Clean bed: If the bed provided is dusty, torn, stained and looks like uncomfortable, you probably do not want to sleep on it.
Negotiate with the landlord to get the bed changed or at the very least, allow you to purchase one for yourself.
You can go to places like IKEA or FurnitureMart and source for suitable beds.
4. Privacy: The only way you can get privacy is if you respect the privacy of your neighbours. Get to know them and let them get to know you.
5. Security: Make sure you lock your room door whenever you leave. Keep an inventory of items in the room or even take pictures if you want to go the extra mile.
If you are sharing the property with others, do not leave your important and expensive items in the common areas.
In fact, do not even let your room mates know you have items that are valuable.
It is advisable for you to prepare a list of questions for your landlord and most importantly, ensure that the basic necessities are covered.
If it’s just a small room, it would be unnecessary to harp on shower or bathroom facilities.
Those things would already be readily available and as long as they are in working condition, you don’t have to spend too much time on it.
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Written by: Christopher Chitty
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