Aug 2021 Jurong East BTO Review: Live Close to Singapore’s Second CBD

Eugenia Liew
Aug 2021 Jurong East BTO Review: Live Close to Singapore’s Second CBD
Come August 2021, the Jurong East BTO launch is set to be one of the most anticipated HDB projects. After all, it’s been 10 years since the last BTO launch in the non-mature estate. The previous launch was all the way back in September 2011.
Known as Toh Guan Grove, the BTO project is located close to the Jurong Lake District, residents can look forward to exciting developments in the years ahead.
The launch will see only 569 units of 2-room Flexi, 3-room, and 4-room flats being offered in Jurong East, so you can count yourself really lucky if you manage to secure a unit here!

Toh Guan Grove BTO Map (August 2021)

Locality map of the August 2021 Jurong East BTO flats
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Toh Guan Grove BTO Location (Aug 2021 HDB BTO Launch)

Toh Guan Grove BTO location (August 2021)
Toh Guan Road
Nearest MRT
Toh Guan MRT (Jurong Region Line; opening in 2027), Bukit Batok West MRT (Jurong Region Line; opening in 2027), Jurong East MRT (North South Line, East West Line, Jurong Region Line)
Nearest bus interchange
Jurong East Bus Interchange
Nearby schools
Yuhua Primary, Fuhua Primary, Crest Secondary
Other nearby amenities
JEM, Westgate, JCube, IMM, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, Jurong Community Hospital, Jurong Lake Gardens, park connectors
Toh Guan Grove BTO in Jurong East will be located close to the heart of Jurong East estate, providing residents with convenient access to public transport, malls, and healthcare facilities.
The upcoming Toh Guan MRT will be within walking distance from the flats. Alternatively, residents can take a bus to Jurong East MRT or the bus interchange to travel to other parts of Singapore.
With JEM, Westgate, JCube, and IMM all within a bus ride away, residents will not need to travel further to satisfy their retail needs and dining cravings.
In addition, the flats will be located just a few streets away from Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.
As the government plans to have a second CBD in the form of Jurong Lake District, residents can expect more job opportunities closer to home.

Toh Guan Grove BTO Price (Aug 2021 HDB BTO Launch)

2-room Flexi
From $121,000
From $237,000
$233,000 – $339,000
From $347,000
$313,000 – $540,000
Prices for a 2-room Flexi unit at Toh Guan Grove start from $121,000, a 3-room unit from $237,000, and a 4-room unit from $347,000.
As mentioned above, the last BTO launch in Jurong East was way back in September 2011, where a 3-room and 4-room unit started from $158,000 and $271,000 respectively. 2-room flats were not sold at that time.
Despite being located in a non-mature estate, flats near the upcoming BTO project have commanded a decent resale value. 3-room and 4-room flats were sold for as high as $339,000 and $540,000 over the past year.
This means some existing owners of the September 2011 BTO flats could stand to profit by at least double the purchase price of their BTO unit!

Jurong East BTO Amenities (Aug 2021 HDB BTO Launch)

Four Minutes to Toh Guan MRT by Foot

Despite the western location, residents will still enjoy great connectivity and accessibility to the rest of the island.
The Jurong East BTOs will be one of the projects in the August 2021 launch that’s situated within walking distance of an MRT. Set to open in 2027, the upcoming Toh Guan MRT on the Jurong Region Line (JRL) will be only four minutes away by foot.
When the JRL is fully operational in 2028, residents can reach other parts of Jurong such as NTU more quickly.
Jurong East MRT will also be one stop away on the JRL. This means that residents can easily switch to the North South Line or East West Line to travel directly to places like Ang Mo Kio and the CBD.
The area will also be served by the future Cross Island Line, although no dates have been announced yet. Connecting the eastern and western regions of Singapore, the new MRT line will cut down travelling time to areas such as Changi.

10-Minute Bus Journey to JEM, Westgate, JCube and More

The area around Jurong East MRT and bus interchange is also home to a number of malls. From JEM to Westgate and JCube, residents will be spoiled for choice.
Bargain hunters can also look forward to snagging deals and discounts of their favourite brands at IMM, which can also be reached by bus in 10 minutes.

Jurong Lake District in the Vicinity

The August 2021 Jurong East BTO units will also be located near exciting upcoming developments.
Set to be the second CBD in Singapore, Jurong Lake District will comprise new commercial spaces, residential areas, and greenery. Job opportunities set to be available include engineering and sustainability-related services.
Apart from having job opportunities closer to home, residents can look forward to more lifestyle attractions. A new integrated tourism development will be available from 2026 onwards, featuring attractions, restaurants, retail shops, and a hotel.

15 Minutes by Bus to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital

Situated a few streets away from the Jurong East BTO units, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital provides comprehensive medical services for residents in the west.
The general hospital is also integrated with Jurong Community Hospital, which focuses on post-acute and rehabilitative care.

Close to Green Pockets Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden

Other notable amenities in the vicinity include the Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden, both of which will be a 30-minute bus journey from the flats.
Both parks are currently undergoing rejuvenation and will be re-opened from 2021 onwards as part of Jurong Lake Gardens.

Conclusion: Is This Jurong East BTO Worth Balloting for?

The August 2021 Jurong East BTO project will be suitable for those who wish to live within walking distance of the MRT, yet do not mind living further away from the city centre. With construction delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the estimated completion date for this BTO project is Q1 2026.

Pros of Toh Guan Grove BTO:

  • Easy access to public transport
  • Close to healthcare facilities
  • Within reach of nature parks
  • Second CBD in the vicinity

Cons of Toh Guan Grove BTO:

  • Far from the city centre
  • Limited number of schools
Located in Western Singapore, the Jurong East BTO flats will be ideal for those who won’t mind a longer travelling time to other parts of Singapore.
While there are two schools within 10 minutes walking distance from the flats, very few schools are available in the area.
However, the project will be surrounded by various amenities such as malls, parks, and healthcare facilities. Office spaces such as JTC Summit and International Business Park are also in the vicinity. Coupled with the development of a second CBD in the form of Jurong Lake District, residents may not need to travel out of the estate as much.
The Jurong East BTO project may also be among the cheaper developments in the August 2021 BTO launch due to its location in a non-mature estate.
At the same time, given that it’s been a decade since the last BTO launch in the district, it’s set to be one of the most contested projects. So expect a tough fight if you’re balloting for the project!
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More FAQs Related to BTOs

The wait is generally around three to four years. However, the pandemic has led to delays in construction. As such, you can expect a BTO to be completed in as long as five years.

This depends on the selling price of the flat and the type of home loan you’re taking. Typically, the minimum downpayment is 10% for HDB loans and 25% for bank loans.

Yes, you can do so through the Multi-Generation Priority Scheme if your parents are also applying for the same BTO project. Do note that the BTO project chosen must consist of either 2-room Flexi or 3-room flats.