Painting Services in Singapore: How Much to Paint Your HDB or Condo?

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Painting Services in Singapore: How Much to Paint Your HDB or Condo?
Want to give your home a new look and feel without breaking the bank? One of the easiest ways to do that, is to give your home a fresh coat of paint.
While you could choose to paint the walls yourself, this will probably take a lot of time and you also have to worry about getting paint everywhere. More importantly, you may not achieve the same look as a professional painting job.
Luckily, you can hire painting services in Singapore fairly easily. Whether you’re looking for affordable HDB painting services for your home renovation or want complex wall effects in your living room, below is a list of some of the best painting services you can get in Singapore and the factors that determine painting cost.

Benefits of painting your home

Apart from improving the aesthetics of your home, there are other practical benefits of painting your home, namely:

It can help to protect the surface of your walls

Your walls will experience wear and tear over time, and this will affect the overall look and condition of your home. Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint not only helps to extend the longevity of your walls, but it also helps to prevent paint cracks and paint bubbles, or grease, dirt, mould and mildew buildup.

Helps to increase your property value

If you’re a seller looking to sell your place, you’ll want to make a first good impression on potential buyers. Repainting your walls is an inexpensive way to instantly make your home appear newer and possibly even increase its appeal.
According to experts, you should stick to neutral and minimalist colours such as white, beige, cream and tan, rather than bold colours if you want to increase your home’s resale value.

Improve the air quality of your home

Standard paints produce a variety of harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, heavy metals and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which are harmful gases that are bad for our health.
VOCs can cause headaches, breathing problems, watery eyes, nausea and may trigger your allergies and asthma. Studies show that continued exposure to VOCs may also lead to lung cancer.
Switching to VOC-free paints, which are made from natural components such as beeswax and plant oils, can help to reduce toxins in the air and improve the overall indoor air quality. This is beneficial especially for children or pregnant women.

What determines the cost of painting services?

The price of painting your home will depend on several factors such as:
  • Type of room: Different rooms require different attention. For example, painting a kitchen will cost more than a bedroom because it requires a primer or sealer coating, while bathrooms typically require paints with antifungal properties.
  • Type of home: Whether it’s an HDB flat, private condo or landed home, the property type will determine the price.
  • Size of area: The larger the surface area of your home, the more paint is required.
  • Internal or external wall: External walls typically require more layers of paint that can withstand the harsh weather and are generally more expensive.
  • Colours: Adding more than one or different colours to a room will naturally add to the costs.
  • Effect: Creating different paint effects and textures, such as sponging and faux painting, will cost more.
  • Paint quality: Each brand offers different types of paints with unique properties, ranging from glossy and matte, to anti-fungal, anti-mosquito, VOC-free, and more. Each will differ in price.

Painting services in Singapore: How much do they cost?

If you’re wondering how much it’s cost you to paint your HDB flat or condo, here are some popular painting services in Singapore and their rates. Generally, you can get smaller HDB flats painted for under $1,500. For bigger units and private condos, prices vary and can go over $2,000.
Disclaimer: PropertyGuru is not affiliated with any of these brands, but we found that these companies had good reviews online.

1. 5 Star Painting

With prices starting from $500, 5 Star Painting is one of the more affordable painting services out there. They provide painting services for HDB flats, condos and landed properties.
But the low-pricing isn’t a compromise on the quality; 5-Star painting uses quality paints from Nippon Paint and their professional painters are dedicated to give your home a beautiful finish. The company has over 30 years of experience in professional painting and has a string of good reviews from customers.
Type of property
3-room HDB flat
$500 to $800
4-room HDB flat
$600 to $900
5-room HDB flat
$700 to $1,050
Executive condo (EC)
$800 to $1,150
$1,000 to $1,400
Condo below 1,000 sq ft
$750 to $1,100
Condo from 1,200 to 1,500 sq ft
$950 to $1,300
Condo from 1,500 to 1,800 sq ft
$1,150 to $1,350
Condo above 1,800 sq ft
$1,450 and above

2. A&J Painting

Like 5 Star Painting, A&J Painting has also garnered good reviews from happy customers, and prices are quite affordable too. Customers praise their professionalism and detailed work. The company also provides free quotation and will cover your floor and furniture to protect them from paint before they start working.
Apart from painting, they also provide handyman services for electrical items, aircons, carpentry, plumbing, wallpaper installation, small renovation works, and more.
Type of property
Studio apartment
$480 to $580
3-room flat
$480 to $680
4-room flat
$680 to $780
5-room flat
$880 to $1,080
Condo below 1,100 sq ft
$880 to $1,280
Condo above 1,100 sq ft
$1,080 to $1,280

3. Painting Service Singapore

Painting Service Singapore provides professional interior and exterior painting services for HDB flats, condos, landed homes and commercial properties. They offer free quotes and mostly use paints from Dulux and Nippon Paint, both known for their high-quality products, longevity and wide-range of colours.
Their reliable and professional painters also know how to apply the right painting techniques to ensure that your paints last for years. This includes applying the right primer and sealers, and preparing your walls and ceiling beforehand.
Type of property
3-room and 4-room flat
$720 to $1,380
5-room flat
$820 to $1,580
Single storey executive apartment
$1,020 to $1,680
Two-storey executive apartment
$1,480 to $1,980
Condo below 1,001 sq ft
$880 to $1,250
Condo from 1,201 sq ft to 1,501 sq ft
$1,220 to $1,580
Condo from 1,501 to 1,801 sq ft
> $1,550

4. Nippon Paint

Nippon Paint is one of the more popular quality brands in Singapore and they also provide painting service. Though they’re on the pricier side, expect top-notch service from their highly-trained and certified painters.
In addition to using premium Nippon Paint products, their painting services also include a free pre-painting site inspection, a free digital colour preview (worth $100), shifting and protection of your furniture and floor, and reinstalling your furniture after painting. Plus, the paint job comes with 12-months warranty and after sales service.
Another good thing about Nippon Paint is that you can pick from their wide catalogue of painting colours and products to suit your taste and lifestyle, such as odourless, mozzie-free, Easy Wash and weather-sealed.
Type of property
Studio apartment/2-room
3-room flat
4-room flat
5-room flat
5-room executive apartment/3Gen flat
From $2,250
Intermediate terrace
From $2,980
Corner terrace
From $3,880
From $4,380
From $5,980

5. PS Painting Service Singapore

PS Painting Service Singapore is a painting company with over 20 years of experience and have helped many happy customers. Their team of qualified professional painters have the right tools and expertise to revitalise your space, whether it’s an HDB home, condo or a commercial property. The paint job takes between one to four days.
They also provide free quotes and have a wide-range of quality painting brands to choose from, including those from Nippon and Dulux. These offer over a thousand colour shades and effects so customers can be sure to get the desired effect that they want.
Type of property
3-room flat
$600 to $800
4-room flat
$700 to $950
5-room flat
$900 to $1,100
Executive apartment
$1,000 to $1,350
$1,200 to $1,600
Condo below 1,000 sq ft
$800 to $1,100
Condo from 1,200 sq ft to 1,500 sq ft
$1,100 to $1,400
Condo from 1,500 to 1,800 sq ft
$1,300 to $1,700
Condo above 1,800 sq ft

6. Benjamin Moore

If you’re after the highest-quality paints, then look no further than Benjamin Moore. The company manufactures their own resins, colourants and offers various different properties to help you achieve beautiful lasting results.
Benjamin Moore also has its own professional painting service. It starts with a complimentary site visit, and they will provide you with a digital preview of your home, with tailored colour advice so that you can achieve the look you want.
Before they start painting your property, they’ll do a proper site preparation. From covering your floors and furniture, to patching holes and cracks, you can relax and watch the transformation of your home when they complete.
There are three painting packages you can pick from their VOC-free paints, which are available in over 3,600 colours. These are Ben (their signature line), Aura (their most premium paint) and Natura (their greenest paint that’s also asthma and allergy-friendly). Each offers different properties and thus differ in price.
Type of property
3-room HDB flat or <900 sq ft condo
$1,750 to $2,100
4-room flat or 901 to 1,100 sq ft condo
$2,000 to $2,500
5-room flat or 1,101 to 1,300 sq ft condo
$2,300 to $2,800
Executive apartment or 1,301 to 1,400 sq ft condo
$2,450 to $2,950
Maisonette or condo >1,400 sq ft
From $2,600
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Other FAQs related to painting services in Singapore

Repainting your walls is an inexpensive way to instantly make your home appear newer and possibly even increase its appeal. Apart from that, it also helps to increase the longevity of your walls and switching to VOC-free paints will reduce the amount of toxic pollutants indoors.

According to experts, your bathroom and kitchen should be repainted every two to three years; your living and dining room every five to seven years; and external walls every five to seven years as well.

Repainting your walls helps to make a first good impression on potential buyers and may help to increase its appeal.

Depending on your house type, size of your home, room type, colour effects, paint quality and amount of paint, the price can range between $480 to $2,600.