• Christopher Chitty
  • 15 February 2017

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Project Name: Grandeur Park Residences

Address: New Upper Changi Road/ Bedok South Avenue 3

Type: Condominium

Site area: 2,625,74.8 sqft

Tenure: 99-years leasehold

District: 16

Configuration: 720 units in six, 14/15-storey blocks incl. two commercial shops and one childcare centre

Unit types: 47, 1BR (420 sqft)

42, 1BR + Study (452 – 474 sqft)

148, 2BR classic (549 – 581 sqft)

77, 2BR Deluxe (592 – 624 sqft)

80, 2BR + study (667 sqft)

134, 3BR classic (883 – 893 sqft)

39, 3BR Deluxe (969 – 980 sqft)

28, 4BR classic (1,130 sqft)

27, 4BR Deluxe (1,238 – 1,259 sqft)

8, 4BR w/ private lifts (1,259 – 1,270 sqft)

44, 5BR w/ private lifts (1,453 sqft)

46, Penthouses

Est. TOP: 31 Dec 2021

Project Details

Propshort: The units shown at the Grandeur Park Residences showflat are impressive, spacious displays of opulence. The entire development looks and feels like a culmination of every improvement other developers have made to their own projects over the years. Add to that guitar classes, a POP station drop off, shops and much more and Grandeur Park Residences is off to a great start. 

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Grandeur Park Residences officially launches on the weekend of the 18th & 19th of February and it should be open for viewing as of now. There are three units on display in the large showflat; 2BR Penthouse, 3BR and 5BR. For this review, only the 2BR PH and 5BR will be discussed as the 3BR unit was undergoing preparation for launch.

While the units are rather well-designed with layouts that promote movement and a right of space, the development itself is the more impressive feat. CEL knew it was up against credible competition, with The Glades as its next door neighbour and other projects across the road so Grandeur Park Residences took to including almost everything a common condominium these days come with.

Swimming pool

Swimming pool

Smart home capabilities (including night vision surveillance mode), expansive facilities, kids adventure/gym areas, hilltop dining, wet and dry gyms, laundrette, jamming studio, mini-theatres and even the aforementioned Salt Room and Ice Therapy Corners – two unique additions never seen before in a condominium, let alone outside of a Virgin Active gym from which Grandeur Park took its inspiration – are just some of the facilities one can expect.

Developer CEL also has a deal with Amore Fitness to conduct classes for a year in the development’s gym.

Grandeur Park facilities

Grandeur Park facilities

In addition, Mandeville Conservatory of Music conducts guitar and violin classes in Grandeur Park. There are also two commercial shops and even a POP station drop-off which makes Grandeur Park feel like a rather encompassing project that had thrown in everything including the kitchen sink.

The best part is, it all just seems to work. No one is going to complain about having this many conveniences around and Grandeur Park knocks the ball, well, out of the park.

2BR PH (850 sqft)

The 2BR penthouse unit looks and feels like a regular 2BR unit but bigger. At 850 sqft, the living and cooking areas still feel distinct with an invisible line between the both.

2BR living room and kitchen from balcony

2BR living room and kitchen from balcony

The kitchen appliances shown at the showflat comes with the apartment. But the ID carpentry and table does not. However, it does give a good idea of the size of table suitable for a dwelling such as this.

2BR PH kitchen

2BR PH kitchen

The communal bathroom is connected to the master bedroom as well and it is a rather large bathroom with a rain shower installed. Flooring for all units are homogenous but they are of varied design.

All penthouse units also come with a deck/loft and the 2BR penthouse unit is no different. The deck is substantial and lets someone of around 1.7m tall to stand comfortably without the top of their head touching the ceiling.

The space above allows for a work table, shelves, cabinets and display cases to be installed. The loft is sturdy and feels strong. The only issue here might be the stairs; they’re quite narrow and high so for people with acrophobia or are of a larger size, walking up and down might be a bit of an issue.

2BR PH common BR with loft

2BR PH common BR with loft

However, with enough usage, walking up and down the stairs should be less problematic. A railing is also built alongside so there is added protection.

All 2BR apartments and above also have an added option presented to the buyer before the units are built to not have the wardrobe installed in the event that the buyer wants to use the room for other purposes.

The 2BR units are, across all developments, usurping the 1BR as the investor choice and with good reason. 2BRs offer bigger space for more people and the 2BR PH in Grandeur Park does just that without sacrificing aesthetics.

5BR (1,462 sqft)

This 5BR unit comes with a private lift and lobby that leads directly to the unit. It’s an opulent surrounding that provides privacy since the living area is not visible from the lift, but inviting for when guests show up.

5BR entrance from private lift lobby

5BR entrance from private lift lobby

The living room is expansive even before adding the balcony space to it. But the sheer size of the living room and balcony offers plenty of space for days when there are large gatherings in the home. It all comes together rather nicely.

Residents on the high floors for units that face East Coast Park, will also likely get more of a breeze, unhindered and unblocked by neighbouring buildings.

5BR living room

5BR living room

In this unit, the first bedroom was designed as a dining area. The option for 2BR and above to have one bedroom offered without the wardrobe so that the resident may take advantage of the extra space and/or knock down the walls to add the bedroom space to the living room, may do so.

For this unit, it creates a nice alcove/dining area that is separate from the living room and as such, does not impinge on either areas, thus allowing them to be substantial on their own. It is a design imperative that hearkens back to how homes used to be, where the living room is as much its own entity as the kitchen was.

5BR dry kitchen

5BR dry kitchen

The kitchen comes in the modern wet and dry formats. The dry kitchen is little more than an island facing the main door with a sink at the back, and a range of appliances such as the coffee maker and microwave oven. The wet kitchen comes with the fridge and built in high and low cabinets. The gas hob, washer/dryer are also part of the ensemble.

The kitchen also snakes around the corner to reveal three things; the yard/helper’s sleeping quarters, its attached wash centre and a back door to the communal corridor and as a result, the common lifts.

As for the other bedrooms, there is a junior suite located on one end of the living room and separate from the others. This is done for two reasons; either to give the other married couple in the house privacy or to be rented out.

The junior suite has its own attached bathroom. The closeness to the main entrance of the unit and the kitchen adds convenience; a boon should the room be rented out.

All the rooms are fairly large. With a super single bed installed, there’s space for a work table, even a few shelves in addition to the built-in wardrobe. It is nice to see that the units are more than just functional and instead, offer good quality living spaces for an individual.

The master bedroom is appropriately large, with its own bathroom and balcony.

5BR master bedroom

5BR master bedroom

The 5BR represents one of the showier type of residence, where the home is visibly opulent but still warm and inviting. It’s a great look and for a buyer with the cash, a fantastic buy.

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Propshort: Tanah Merah is two stops from Changi Airport, it is about 10-15 minutes to Esplanade and one train station from Bedok. It is a matured estate with plenty of amenities around and even East Coast Park in Marine Parade can be reached by several straight buses. The area is thoroughly connected and one can’t go wrong when deciding to live here. 

Grassy slopes and mounds are going the way of the dinosaur in Tanah Merah as it readies itself to welcome new high-rise condominium, Grandeur Park Residences to the fold. Its six, 14/15-storey blocks join The Glades, a recently completed condominium due to TOP later this year (2017).

Grandeur Park Residences 3D model

Grandeur Park Residences

Although Grandeur Park Residences has slightly less units than The Glades – 720 against 726 – and has six blocks instead of nine, it is larger in scale than its neighbour. At an approximate site area of 551,414 sqft against The Glades’ 343,173 sqft, Grandeur Park Residences is bigger.

But a bigger plot ratio does not necessarily mean anything if Grandeur Park Residences cannot capitalize on the size.

Upper Changi Road to Grandeur Park site and showflat

Upper Changi Road to Grandeur Park site and showflat

Fortunately, where location is concerned, Grandeur Park Residences is situated in a slightly better area than The Glades within a matured district where there are at least two malls nearby, with a third (Princess Theatre) currently being renovated into a Cineplex with a Golden Village cinema. The revamped Princess Theatre is due in early 2018.

These three important buildings are located around Bedok MRT station which is just one stop from Tanah Merah MRT. The station is a couple of minutes’ walk from Grandeur Park Residences so getting from here to Bedok takes less than 10-minutes, train faults notwithstanding. Residents can also walk to Bedok Central if they want to. It’s not terribly far and the walk is a straight line with at least two crossings at the traffic junction.

Tanah Merah taxi stand and bus stop

Tanah Merah MRT station, taxi stand and bus stop

Though The Glades is a lot closer to Tanah Merah MRT station, its closeness can be a detriment to the residents due to the constant crowd that congregates at the station entrance and the bus stop there.

Haig Girls School 10 minutes walk from Grandeur Park Residences

Haig Girls School 10 minutes walk from Grandeur Park Residences

Grandeur Park by virtue of being a little further down the road need not weather the perpetual buzz of people going to and fro. It is also closer to Bedok View Secondary School and APSN Katong School. Both schools are within walking distance. Another school, Haig Girls, is also within walking distance.

The Bedok Market Place – an area rife with hawker centres, shops, hair salons, including an NTUC Fairprice, is one block down after APSN Katong School. After the Market Place is yet another school, Bedok Green Primary.

The Market Place about 15 minute walk from Grandeur Park Residences

The Market Place about 15 minute walk from Grandeur Park Residences

Across the road from Grandeur Park Residences and in the direction of Bedok Central is the Bedok Swimming Complex, but from how the development is billing itself as having holistic wellness with rather impressive facilities that include Salt Rooms, Ice Therapy Corners and ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ gyms, there won’t be much need for residents to look to the other recreational facilities outside of the condominium.

In addition, there are two types of views residents can get – Upper Changi Road or Bedok Rise. Bedok Rise facing also includes East Coast Park and is likely to be the more popular of the two. Currently, it is expected that units from the 6th/7th floor and above will get an unblock view. The train tracks over Upper Changi Road is likely to be flushed with the car park so residents in units that face that direction need not worry about having their privacy imposed on as their view will over the tracks.

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Due to overwhelming interest, 461 units out of 720 from 3rd March to 12th March 2017. All its 1BR units at 420 sqft have been sold out as well as the 1BR + study (452 – 474 sqft). For the 2BR classic, 141 out of 148 units have been transacted. Prices for the units are on both ends of the spectrum; from a relatively low $560K to the higher $2M.

Grandeur Park Residences transacted data

Source: URA, PropertyGuru

Demand for units here despite the higher prices due to the location and stiff competition from The Glades is noteworthy. While The Glades has slightly more units, it does have less variation where those units are concerned. Additionally, the smallest unit at The Glades is a 452 sqft 1BR unit.

Grandeur Park’s smallest unit is also a 1BR but at a slightly smaller 450 sqft. However, 452 sqft unit at The Glades transacted at $659,000 whereas the 450 sqft unit at Grandeur Park starts at a much more affordable $560,000. That is a significant gap for a negligible difference. Its psf data are $1,472 against $1,471 for Grandeur Park and The Glades respectively.

Granted, that when The Glades launched, it was the only one to lay claim to proximity to Tanah Merah MRT station and as such, could pull off a higher quantum. The result however, is that Grandeur Park can easily capitalise on the high price that is already set and moderate it down to fit market expectations now.

Grandeur Park does have pricier unit types than The Glades but have seen strong movement in those areas. It does help that the layouts are more improved from its competitors.


Median monthly psf according to URA from January 2016 to January 2017 for District 16 is $2.82. Therefore, a 420 sqft unit has an average monthly rent of $1,400. The median transacted of all 420 sqft units transacted is $618,000 which brings median annual rental yield to a decent 2.7%.

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Grandeur Park Residences is a surprising entry into the new launch landscape of early 2017. It is a big scale project with many bold offerings that on paper might make it come across as biting more than it could chew. Many properties from the past few years had similar lofty goals but fell flat by the time they launched due to a lack of public interest or just poor workmanship.

Grandeur Park Residences suffers from neither as it prepares to deliver a startling green landscape of peaks and valleys in a fantastic location not wanting for conveniences be they amenities or transportation.

In closing, the units shown here are a promising sign that Grandeur Park Residences is on the right path toward fulfilling its many promises. As a development, it comes across as offering virtually everything a resident could want but it does so cleverly; by adding unique twists to keep the offerings familiar but unique from its competitors.

Grandeur Park main entrance

Grandeur Park main entrance

But the issue of unit sizes always remain. Though the 2BR PH unit is at a generous 850 sqft, its common 2BR are more in line with what is available in the market. In the end, it’s about weighing the sizes of the units against your budget.

What Grandeur Park offers the most in terms of benefits is its convenience on public transportation and the wealth of facilities it provides. For some people, such things are more critical. For big families where a 4 or 5BR unit is a necessity, then the higher quantum may be hard to chew, especially with so many competitors in the area.

Regardless, Grandeur Park Residences is a worthy entry into Tanah Merah and it does, in many aspects, gives The Glades a run for its money.

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