Say ‘hello’ to Elite Rewards where you get to enjoy a suite of rewards and benefits, prepared just for you:

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Have you benefited from the new Partner360 programme yet?
As an Agent Partner, your success matters to us. And being your partner means giving you 360° of empowerment and supporting you in every aspect of your real estate agent career by bringing you more leads, helping you close deals faster, and giving you opportunities to upskill.

Now we’re excited to share even more benefits with you.

In October 2020, we launched Prestige Rewards for our Solitaire, Titanium, and Platinum Agent Partners.

Today we’re launching Rewards for our Elite-Gold, Elite-Silver and Elite partners. Enjoy a host of unique benefits and privileges such as Birthday Treats, Milestone Recognitions and exclusive invites!

There’s something for everyone!

With PropertyGuru, you can elevate your game – and enjoy more perks in the process!

Introducing Elite Rewards

Supporting you on your journey to greater success and rewards

With Partner360, it’s all about bringing you all the good stuff and delivering a more rewarding partner experience, like no other. With Elite Rewards, you get to enjoy more privileges as an Elite-Gold, Elite-Silver or Elite partner!

Note: Agent Partners are automatically enrolled into the Elite Rewards programme the moment they join PropertyGuru.

Celebrating Your Personal Milestones

As an Elite-Gold, Elite-Silver, or Elite partner, your milestones will be celebrated by the PropertyGuru community through special recognition and rewards.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

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Excited to start? Wait – there’s one more surprise for you!

Check Out Your Tier Status and Enjoy Your Rewards Now!

How do you know which rewards tier you qualify for? Here’s a quick guide:

Your rewards tier status will be updated quarterly based on your last 12-month investment on Agent Package subscription, Ad Credits and other Premium Features. To view the reward points you’ve accumulated, please visit AgentNet (Web) and you’ll see it under your Agent profile.

You can learn more about Elite Rewards here.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to reach out to our Customer Service Team via WhatsApp at +65 9298 1629 or email at

Being a better partner for you,

– PropertyGuru Team