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We’re due for our latest edition on When & Where to Focus Your Listings: May 2021 Edition.

As a country, Singapore seems to be regaining traction despite the global pandemic and MAS even estimated our economic growth at 6% this year . How does this translate to your property seekers?

When to Focus Your Listings

Last month, property seekers’ traffic peaked on Wednesday and left the other days in the dust. However, our latest property seeker data shows the exact opposite now – with Wednesday being the least popular day, and the other days increasing significantly. The busiest day is Sunday, with Monday very close behind.

Also Friday only reflects ‘medium’ traffic volume, it also isn’t far off from Thursday.

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However, the time of the day looks to be fairly consistent – with traffic picking up gradually from 8AM onwards and tapering off after 12AM. Be sure not to miss out on benefiting from maximum exposure by scheduling your Auto-Repost!

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Where to Focus Your Listings

Commercial Listings

There hasn’t been a shift in demand for commercial listings. City & South West (D01-08) continue to reign champion, with Balestier/Geylang (D12-14) coming in at second.

The lesser-in-demand districts for commercial listings continue to be Newton/Bukit Tim (D11,21) and Changi/Pasir Ris (D17-18).

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However, if we take a look at the market gap – City & South West (D01-08) doesn’t have as high a gap. In fact, the district with largest market gap for commercial listings continues to be Serangoon/Thomson (D19-20).

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Residential Listings

Now, let’s take a look at residential listings.

When it comes to popular residential districts, Serangoon/Thomson (D19-20) has always been a hot favourite.

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And even looking at the market gap, Serangoon/Thomson (D19-20) continues to hold a strong appeal for you. However, the district with the largest gap for residential listings is West (D22-24).

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Thank you for joining us for this edition, do stay tuned for the next one!

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