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Are you asking about Lee Tat against the MCST case? Well, apparently, the case was dismissed so it appears that Lee Tat has no case. Try this link to understand more, hope it helps:
http://www.singaporelaw.sg/sglaw/laws-of-singapore/case-law/free-law/court-of-appeal-judgments/14365-management-corporation-strata-title-plan-no-301-v-lee-tat-development-pte-ltd-2010-sgca-39 Read More
  • GS
    Dear Allan,

    Thanks for responding. Actually your link points towards the old case back in 2010. In Oct 2015, Lee Tat has come back with a harassment case against the all individual owners of Grange Heights for trespassing private property. The total is what I'd mentioned in this post ($750M).
    In this situation, I am told that banks will be reluctant to give out loans for such properties.