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Hi Mr Ong, thanks for writing to us on AskGuru.

First of all, please don't be discouraged. As the saying goes, failure is the mother of success. Here are some tips that may help you next time you take the exam.

i) It's important to attend all the classes and to study the course materials provided.
ii) Talk to your friends in the industry to get some advice on how they prepared for the exams and what areas to focus on.

All the best!

Hope this answers your question.

Best Regards,

Team PropertyGuru
Geryl Lim
Hi Ateos,

It is indeed sad to know that you have failed the paper twice in a roll, but you are not the worst off as I have a couple of acquaintance who are looking to break into this industry too failing more than 3 times. If you were to ask me how can I assist, I can simply say there is no solution to this. Paper 1 should be about understanding more about the regulations and when they are implemented. As such, the memories applicable to these papers should be the dates and rates. With answers to the questions set out be applicable to different implementation dates, this would like confuse certain candidates. I can only say good luck to you at this point of time and focus. My door is open for you to join in once all are cleared.


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Kevin Chung 莊國賢
Dear Ateos

I heard a lot of "pride" in your statements. Not a good start for a person going for a career switch. Let me share with you that one of my agent have not step into a secondary school. He studied extended primary and go straight into ITE. He had to take and pass the NTUC literacy program to qualify for RES course. He passed the RES exam in a single sitting. He sold 3 condo within the first 2 weeks of getting his license.

So, frankly speaking, your university education have not taught you how to learn.

You do not learn about real estate by attending a RES course. You get to know agents, interact with people in the industry, talk and think like an agent. Before you know it, you will be closing deals like a producers.

RES exam?? It's just a bell curve and you simply scored lower than those who are better prepared then you.

If you like to learn about real estate business, join one of our course. Passing the exam becomes natural once you are expose real estate daily.

If you want to pass exam. I cannot help as most of my new agents pass in one sitting.

I am open for a chat and can intro you to a network of new agents. Maybe they can give you a tip or two about the new exam. Your action determine your success, drop me a sms today!

Kevin Chung
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