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The tenant is the person who rents a property from a landlord while a permitted occupier is someone who is allowed to stay in the property with a tenant. As a permitted occupier, you are not required to pay rent to the landlord as you are not bound by the tenancy agreement. The tenant, on the other hand, is required to pay the rent as they signed the tenancy agreement.

It seems that you may have chosen to pay the deposit and agent fee out of goodwill, which is very nice of you. However, the handwritten document you signed is not legally binding and it appears your friend may be taking advantage of that, and hence, does not want to return the money. You may want to look at a few options, such as going through a mediation process to resolve this dispute with your friend.

Technically, this is called sub-letting and is illegal in the Tenancy Agreement. You may wish to alert the landlord who will then take action with your friend for breaking the terms of the agreement.

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