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Hi Mr Toh, thanks for writing to us on AskGuru.

The tenant will need to speak to his or her agent about this and refer to the tenancy agreement. Unless there are clauses in the contract that allows the landlord to terminate the rental contract earlier, the tenant has the legal right to continue living in the property until the end of the lease. As such, the landlord must properly compensate the tenant for breaking the lease.

In the end, it's up to the tenant to decide if the landlord's compensation package is sufficient. They can look to negotiate for a better package. If the matter is not resolved amicably, the tenant can seek the intervention of the Small Claims Tribunal as long as the lease tenure is two years or below.

Find out more about the consequences of broken leases and early terminations: https://www.propertyguru.com.sg/property-guides/the-consequences-of-broken-leases-and-early-terminations-9919

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Geryl Lim
I am unsure exactly what would you wish to derive out of this situation after getting the proper advise or opinion. I guess when it comes to legality of an agreement, the best person to speak to should always be a lawyer. Nevertheless, my thoughts will always be why would a landlord want to break a lease without genuine reason? What benefit does it do to the tenant if tenant exercises the full legal rights to the tenancy, which has already caused an emotional scar? What will exactly happen throughout the duration of rental or during handover could also pose an issue especially when it comes to getting back the security deposit.

I will highly recommend the tenant to speak to the landlord in this case to find out what the concerns are and react accordingly instead of going straight into legal actions. I always feel that landlord and tenant should maintain a good relationship for the rental such that both are happy throughout the tenure of rental.

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Aaron Chong
Hi Toh, since I do not know much of the detail, therefore I can't really advice much. You may refer to your assisting agent for further advice. And by the way, as long as both parties (tenant and landlord) are agreeable with new terms plus compensation, then anything is possible.

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CK Ang
Hi Mr Toh,
If you had paid stamp duty for the tenancy agreement, you interest is protected and you may seek legal advise. The best is to communicate with the landlord to find out the reason for the break lease. Compensation of 2 months rental and 2 months notice is consider very reasonable conditions.

To assist and advise you more in details, kindly drop me an email for me to share.

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John Tan 奕欣
Hi there!

If there is an agent who had helped in this Tenancy Agreement, it will be ideal to get him/her to help out in the situation.

There are various reasons why the landlord would want to do this. The landlord may not wish to reveal too much information due to personal reasons. The compensation the landlord has proposed seem fair enough.

Good luck!

Hope this helps!

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