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Soh Huan Yao (Stanley)
For a condo that cost 600k, and assuming bank grants 80%, your cash upfront will be
5% - 30k
15% CPF/CASH - 90k
Lawyer fee - abt 2500
stamp fees - (3% of purchase price - 5400)=12600
Agent's com will be from seller's agent as co-broke fee.
So total aprox cash you will be looking at is abt 45-50k. This is assuming you have 90k in your cpf for the 15%, if not the balance will be top up by cash after deducting.
As for monthly installment and approval limit, it is best for a banker to draw out a plan for you. If you like i can ask a banker to advise you.
Pls do email me or contact me if you wish to further discuss.

Stanley Soh
CEA Reg:R012218E